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[FIXED] Windows 10- Can’t Connect To This Network Error (Wi-Fi/Wireless)

This is quite a common error in most Windows operating systems, and recently if you have upgraded to Windows 10, your Wi-Fi/Wireless connection might give this error – Can’t Connect To This Network.’

Generally this error occurs with the fact that you have two networks configured with common name, but different passwords. And your Windows 10 PC identifies the same network by the same, but the password itself is changed, so it keeps trying to connect it.


Sometimes your Wi Fi would keep trying to connect, and won’t even give you any wireless connection error. Following quick solution is perfect for you to solve both of these issues.

So we’ve found the cause – Two network SSID’s are confliciting, so lets get rid of them, and connect to your wireless network freshly.

How to Fix Windows 10 Can’t Connect To This Network Error

Step 1 –

Click Windows Button > Search for ” Change Wi-Fi Settings”

windows-10-wi-fi-cant-connect-to-this-network-error-2Step 2 –

Click on Manage Wi-Fi Settings link at the bottom of your network lists.

windows-10-wi-fi-cant-connect-to-this-network-error-3Step 3 –

Find the current network name you are trying to connect to. This list of wireless network connection is of all the networks you have connected so far, so it might be a long one.

In my case, I am trying to connect to  wireless network named – ‘Home’.


Click on this network name to expand options. And click on forget this network.

You’re basically done cleaning the Wireless Connection memory that caused problem.

Step 4 –

Go back to previous page, and click on your network name again.

windows-10-wi-fi-cant-connect-to-this-network-error-5Enter your network security key or password, and you will connect with your Wi-Fi network on Windows 10 instantly.

windows-10-wi-fi-cant-connect-to-this-network-error-6Simple, Right?

Note – You can also use the same method to solve the issue with your Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 wireless settings, just that you have to locate the list of wireless connection there (Similar in Windows 8.1 and in ‘Network and Sharing’ Settings on Windows 7.)

I hope this has solved your issue with Wi-Fi network on Windows 10, for more such tutorials, technology news & gadget reviews Join us on Facebook or follow me on twitter here @amolwagh.

5 Responses

  1. This doesn’t work as not the root of my problem IMO. My home network uses WEP while the office uses WPA2. If I let Windows try to make the connect it doesn’t correctly detect the authentication so asks for a username and password, rather than network key. If I use “Manually connect to a wireless network” option under the “set up a new network or connection” option, I can correctly set up the WEP connection. In previous versions of windows it would then make the connection. For some reason W10 doesn’t proceed to make the manual connection.

  2. Doesn’t work. I try to reconnect to the network and I type in the security key and it says “Can’t connect to this network” again