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Piip Messenger Windows Phone 7 App Review – True Cross Platform Web Messenger!

Though there are several web messengers available out there for different smartphone OS, It’s really hard to choose one which not works on all platforms but gives you best experience. Today I am going to review one such promising app especially for Windows Phone 7 named – Piip

First feature I would like to introduce is- its a true web messenger. Imagine you are using a Piip of your WP7 device and suddenly battery went off! Well, with the Piip web messenger you can quickly go log in to the web-based interface of Piip and continue your chats there. Cool, isn’t it?

This also saves your finger getting overstressed by typing on small keyboards on smartphone and you can alternatively go on web messenger from anywhere and start chatting.

Piip Windows Phone 7 App Review

Windows Phone devices are well capable of handling any number of messages due to high internal memory and closed eco-system of OS. But Piip messenger app provides you free solution for unlimited texts/SMS.(Note that you must have an active internet data plan on your smartphone for using Piip, but the app do not charge you anything for all messages.)

The app shows you quick 4 tiles on its UI- Chats (for recent chats and history), contacts (to find all contacts), settings & your profile. The setting lets you manage your profile information,chat notifications, sound profiles, location sharing, blocked contacts and more.

Once you configure the app, there are no username/password needed again to use the app. Piip lets sends and receives messages in real-time, and which is really must have feature for any web-based apps. I have bad experiences with other free web messengers out there and well, Piip is far beyond those apps.

Piip Windows Phone 7 App Review

After sending the text, Piip also shows you status icon to all messages, to confirm they are received or not. It searches through your all contacts directly and automatically syncs the information of all Piip users very quickly.

Piip not just gives you access to loads of free Texting and web messaging online, it also gives you productive interface online even when your device is not around. I would like to recommend this app to every smartphone user, mostly because of feature and more importantly its availability on most smartphone OS!

Check out official website of Piip app for more information.

Cost: Free

Ratings – 5/5

Available on – Windows Phone 7, Android, Apple, Blackberry

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