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The Guide To Setting Up Efficient Office Communication Systems

So you’ve decided to help make your business run more efficiently by smoothing out or implementing new business systems, but you don’t really know where to start. At Com2 we understand communication systems, and have a few hints and tips to setting them up yourself. We’re here to help you get the most from your business systems.

Identify your objectives

If you’re having trouble figuring out where to begin, always note your challenges or objectives. Who needs a direct line to clients or other employees within the building? Do travelling employees require some sort of communication device or software? By noting how your business runs now and understanding how you want it to be, you’re already on your way to optimising efficiency and productivity.

Run a small audit on your current communication systems

Now you have identified all your current and potential objectives, it’s important to run an audit to see if your current systems are actually working as they should. This audit can be conducted by yourself, another business or some of your own key employees. Be sure to note what types of methods for communication are being used, what the current phone systems are lacking and how each system can be improved. Remember your ultimate objective is to enhance efficiency and thereby employee productivity.

Office-CommunicationFind the right communication systems

With constant advancements in technology there are a huge range of telecommunication systems you can use to your advantage. This can include general phones, faxes, mobiles, iPads, tablets, the internet, your business intranet or emails.

We have a huge range of communication systems and technology to assist your employees with all their telecommunication needs. Do you wish to use your internet data to make calls (VoIP software) or would you prefer something less complex but just as advanced? Our phone systems come in a huge range of styles, sets and with a large range of features. Whether you run a large corporate business or are just starting a small business, we have something for everyone.

The Avaya IP Office system is built specifically for business

Take care of your business with the Avaya phone system. It offers voice mail, desktop phone management software, click-to-call and auto-attendant capabilities. The great thing about this system is its ability to unify your communication devices, so you’ll never have to miss a phone call again (unless you want to). This phone can provide the ultimate solution for your business, giving your employees a solution that is versatile to the device of their choice including laptops, mobiles, office phones or home phones.

The secret to a great, seamless communication system? Ironing out all the bugs early! This is why the first two hints are about identifying issues and auditing your systems. Great internal communications makes life much easier for your employees, which makes them overall better workers.

Get the most from your business with free-flowing, high-quality and long-lasting phone communication systems that give you that competitive edge.