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Stellar Photo Recovery 9 Review – Expert Recovery for Mac and Windows

What are the most valuable things on your personal laptop or PC right now? And not I am not talking about business data and excel sheets, most of us keep them safe on our office computers. Besides documents, the most cherished content we have on our personal devices are photos, videos and audio files. And losing one or all of them feels like losing good memories of all the past years.

Well, there is a great solution that helps you recover deleted photos, videos or audio files called – Stellar Photo Recovery. This photo recovery tool is actually made robust enough for professional photographers, video editors travellers.

Let’s dig deep into its features, usability, and performance in our following review.

Stellar Photo Recovery Review

I am testing this one on my MacBook, but this photo recovery tool is available for Windows as well. Right at the beginning, it asks for if you want to recover all of your deleted multimedia types or specific ones like Photo, Audio or Video.

Stellar Photo Recovery 9 Review

Moving on to the next screen you can select your hard drive or plugged USB or other storage devices and begin the scan. For this test, I had to disable system integrity protection on Mac, which protects any data on the hard drive from recovering. I had to restart the Mac in recovery mode and run the ‘csrutil disable‘ command on terminal. After my photo recovery was done, I enabled it, to keep the MacOS stable and at factory setting.

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You can see the progress of scanning, which took about 30 minutes by Stellar Photo Recovery software. I also turned on the previews to see each photo being recovered to what folder, in case you are searching for something important. It has also nicely sorted the photos based on their formats, which professionals like photographs and video editors will love.

Scanning Deleted Photos - Stellar Photo Recovery

After finishing all the scans, it scanned thousands of files and enlisted the photos, I can select by format or the complete folder of photos. I selected the only handful of photos and videos for this test, to make sure they are recovered 100%. In fact, I only selected the photos at the beginning of this test, but this recovery software scanned all the file types anyways.

You can see the previews of each scanned photo in low resolution, in case you’re looking for a particular photo. The video thumbnails, however, don’t have any convincing data, so you have to recover each one of them to find the one you need.

The best feature is you can save your scans, so you don’t have to do some scans over and over again. And it will only consume the storage when you recover particular files.


The overall scanning took about 30 minutes to scan my internal 120GB Mac SSD. This recovery tool needed  just about 1 minute time to recover 2700+ JPEGS and 3 minutes time to recover 1 video of 295 MB of size. If you want to recover your photos and videos 100% make sure you don’t stop the scan in the middle, or you have to rescan again to get the best quality photos.

Photos Recovered on Mac - Stellar Software

The process is quite simple and smooth and intuitive UI makes it easy to navigate between various option this incredible photo recovery software provides.


I have tried a lot of data recovery software before, but Stellar Photo Recovery is a dedicated multimedia recovery tool that I thoroughly enjoyed using. It’s fast, intuitive and get’s the job done. Many generic data recovery tools recover a lot of garbage data, makes the whole process as lengthier as 24 hours and outputs only a small portion of usable data. Stellar focussed on photos, videos, and audios, and it gets the job done!

I will highly recommend Stellar Photo Recovery software to recover lost or deleted photos, video and audio files. You can try this tool for Free on Windows and Mac, and it supports scanning for internal and external hard disk drives, flash storages, SSDs, Video Cards, SD Cards, and camcorders. At its prices starting $39.99 (About Rs.2899) its very well worth recovering your most valuable memories,

Download Free for Mac Photo Recovery

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