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CleanMyMac X Review – macOS Ventura Maintenance App

I wrote a CleanMyMac 3 review for older versions of Macs (Before 2020). Still, since Catalina, the support for version 3 ended, and I moved to CleanMyMac X. With new Apple macOS Ventura, robust features optimized for Apple M2 processors, and many performance upgrades are now powering the latest version of CleanMyMac X

My in-depth CleanMyMac X review encompasses my long journey with this app since 2017. I tried to cover how I optimize my Macbook Speed, Keep it free from Malware and viruses, and perform one-click Memory and storage optimizations with this ultimate Mac maintenance app.

CleanMyMac X Review 0- Ultimate Maintenance App for Mac

CleanMyMac X Review – Ultimate macOS Venture Cleanup App

The very first impression of the CleanMyMac X is a super responsive UI, with a complete overhaul of its interface, which is refreshing, lively, and new. It’s an entirely next-gen experience for an all-in-one maintenance app for your all-new macOS Ventura update.

Since the latest macOS update, I wanted to make a fresh start by removing unused apps and files just sitting in my storage. I also wanted to quickly eliminate unsupported apps and install new ones to move to my routine tasks.

The default Smart Scan of this cleanup app does a great job, and I mainly use it periodically when the Mac starts behaving slightly sluggishly. This feature scans through all things that can bottleneck speeds and unnecessary/junk files. Now, this new version also allows you to monitor potential threats /security issues in the system—a great way to free up extra GBs and improve Mac OS performance instantly.

Quick Performance Insights With Nifty Dashboard

Another great feature I loved in CleanMyMac in the previous version was the quick launch menu that is always available on the top. You can scan through if you have storage issues or system memory is fully used. It allows solving problems with one click.

CleanMyMac X Review - GUI

Along with the existing mini dashboards for storage, memory, CPU usage, and Trash cleanup, the new version X comes with three new ones – The security dashboard that tracks real-time malware protection status a Network that updates bandwidth (upload and download) in real-time.

You can also track Dropbox storage status if you’re already using the cloud storage service. The new edition makes the CleanMyMac X menu much more efficient and reduces the need to open the entire app.

CleanMyMac X For Malware Remval

Malware Remover For Mac

The Malware Remover MacOS is a full-fledged malware scanner that detects potential vulnerabilities and alerts you of potential harm.

The Privacy feature lets you selectively remove traces and histories from the browser, Wi-Fi networks, Communication/Chat apps (Skype), and recent file history in one click.

Say Goodbye to One-by-One Updated

The Updater is another nifty feature that alerts and bulk updates pending App updates from the CleanMyMac X UI. This is especially helpful when upgrading to macOS Ventura from older Mac Versions like Catalina or Mojave.

CleanMyMac X For Speed Optimization Review

Improved System Junk Cleaner and Space Lens

Junk cleanup is the core feature of CleanMyMac, and is very efficient at reducing clutter regularly. It even generates auto alerts after certain days, reminding users to clean up the system with unused apps, files, music, and duplicate content.

On top of this Core functionality, version X has developed the Space Lens. This unique storage map feature lets you visually differentiate the clutter of your important macOS folders like users, Applications, and System files.

Find large Files On yYour MacOS

When any folder bubble clicks, it takes you deep into the folder that acts as a storage microscope. Space Lens lets you granularly find and clean unused storage junk.

macOS Speed Optimization - Memory Cleanup

Improve Mac Performance with RAM, Space, and Cache Optimization

The maintenance features include macOS optimization and speed improvement features like running maintenance scripts, freeing up RAM, purgeable space, Rebuilding Launch Services, repairing disk permissions, and thinning Time Machine Backup Snapshots.

They feel faster than before and are helpful when your MacBook is underperforming. Optimization lets you control login items, hung applications, launch agents, and heavy resource consumers in a single dashboard.

Get Rid of Unused Large & Old Files

The Large and Old files, one of my most used features, continue to improve with this upgraded version of macOS Ventura. The Shredder feature continues to remove traces of any sensitive file or folder on your system. It’s a helpful feature if you want to sell your Mac and remove personal data without any digital footprint.

App Updates

CleanMyMac X includes a module for managing app updates. The module scans the user’s Mac for outdated apps and allows users to update them with a single click.

Only Uninstaller You Need!

Uninstaller is another excellent tool, as most of us wonder how to uninstall programs on a Mac without leaving behind any junk files or leftover installers; CleanMyMac X takes care of all this with a single click. Click on the apps you want to remove, and you’re ready!

Verdict – Do You Need CleanMyMac X in 2023?

If you’re moving to macOS Ventura for its fancy new features and increased speed, the first app you want for your Mac is CleanMyMac X. Its user interfaces are intuitive and a visual delight. It will save your device from critical crashes and keep your Mac’s health and speed at maximum performance.

I hope you have found some valuable insights from my CleanMyMac X Review. You can download the Free Trial and experience this best Mac cleanup tool here – (BTW, if you’re upgrading like me, you can get a discount of 50% on their pricing page.)

Digital Conqueror Verdict

Must-buy if you seek best performance from your Mac!

Price: 34.95

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Operating System: OSX 10.5+ (Catalina, Big Sur, Monterey, Ventura)

Application Category: Utilities

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