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Great Solution For Workflow Improvement

[paragraph] Where to find help desk software to improve quality of customer services? Great features of ticketing system will make life of any agent much easier. [/paragraph]

Based on their experience managers who have to handle huge amounts of information daily will be happy to install such web based assistant that will bring order into their hectic working environment. It is time to invest in reliable software that will make your job easier and more organized. Helpdesk ticketing system has various options for improving your customer service workflow and at the same time it reduces errors and optimizes the efficiency of your employees. The price for this software is affordable and includes free updates within 1 year and later the user will be receiving attractive discounts for upgrades. After purchasing and installing one will notice that the soft is quite light as it is web based and won’t cause any difficulties with other software installed. Unlimited amount of your managers will have an access to their tasks and organize their work according to their likings.

What does this software do?

After installing software, we have a clean, simple, easy-to-use interface. Every ticket contains the information concerning every client and it is possible to add PDF files or screenshots in order to adjust and make it more valuable. Besides that, all important emails are tracked and attached to a corresponding ticket and you won’t have to spend hours looking for this letter in your mail box. All information is presented in one page and there is no need to spend precious time on looking for a missing piece. A manager can easily filter request by sorting them into various categories. It is also possible to review statistics and perform such “bulk” operations as closing, deleting, merging, sending or assigning multiple tickets to managers. One can also filter them from a specific company or from a certain client.


All tickets are adjustable and the responsible manager is able to operate and manage all the data by setting certain filters that define the severity of issues. All the data are neatly organized and include attachments, internal communications, letters, and other important documentation.

How tickets are working

The whole process of communication between a customer and a manager is very easy and the chain of events is simple to understand.


First of all, a client or a customer sends a ticket via email or web-interface, then an employee responsible for its category is being notified and accepts it, or being assigned with it by the supervisor. The responsible manager is able to give a priority mark to it and to handle the request accordingly. There is also such notion as integrated discussion forum for every ticket and where customers and technicians post all updates and discuss the working process.

This software is a real savior when dealing with enormous amounts of information and saves a lot of time handling it.