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Disk Drill Review: Recover Deleted Partition or Files on Mac/Windows

Recently a friend of mine lost all of his important photos when he accidentally flashed the drive without taking a backup. And since I recently started using Macbook, I got a chance to try out some new tools for Mac OS. The one tool that impressed me the most was – Disk Drill. This tool not only helped me recover the deleted files but can also help in partition recovery. Following is my review of DiskDrill and a quick guide on how to recover deleted files on Mac.

Disk Drill Review

This free mac partition data recovery tool lets you prepare for the worst of data loss situations and lets you recover data from your Macbook or Windows Hard Drive, SSDs, Flash Drives or even your smartphone.

It’s quite simple to use this tool, as you have to download the free file recovery software by Disk Drill here and select all of your disks and connected data drives or phones.

Just select the Recover option, and it will start scanning the disk space for all the available data.

Note: If you’ve just lost the files on your phone or drive, it is recommended that you do not add any new data on that device. Copying new files overwrite the available data sectors and might corrupt some or all of your lost data.

The scan by Disk Drill will just index the files and folders format, and at this stage, all data is not fully recovered. Once your files are listed, then check out the folders or files you might want to restore.

The great thing about DiskDrill is you can preview small files like images, pdf, and documents by clicking on the preview button. This helps you select only the important files.

For this test, I am selecting just a few images. Note that the file names and folder names will be changed in the restore or scan process. So you may not find a file by its name. But a nifty feature of well-arranged folder structure as per the file format makes it a lot easier.

The restore for 36 images in the folder took me just a few seconds, and now I have all of my recovered images.

The bigger file of 1.7GB and compressed file format (ZIP) took about 12 minutes to restore on my MacBook Air, which is quite impressive. You can expect the same performance from video files. And a bunch of regular files like .docx, .ppx, JPEG, PNG etc takes about 2-3 seconds.

Restore times are what matters the most and It took me about 10 minutes to index(scan) the flash drive of 16GB. Previously on Windows, I had used tools like Recuva that took forever to do the same process, and I could only restore 20-25% of my data. DiskDrill makes the partition data recovery as simple as copying and pasting the files.

Apart from its robust partition recovery capabilities, DiskDrill allows you to backup disks especially the failing disks and saves them as DMG images, which you can restore later on another drive or system. Additional features like Duplicate Finder and Mac Cleaner lets you manage the disk very well, and optimize the performance of your system.

I hope you now feel confident that you can now easily recover deleted files on Mac. Some of its advanced features include restoring HEX from image files, which some of you geeks might want to play with to restore JPG data.  The Pro version lets you use this amazing data recovery tool on 3 Macs with features like  HFS+ Catalog rebuilding, Deep Scan & Searching of lost partitions.

If you have large disk sizes and want partial recovery of data often, your session will be saved, and you can restore the indexed data anytime. So it saves you first step in data recovery and it means a huge time for big sized drives. The user interface is simple and convenient to use with almost no learning curve. Partition recovery is

Very few tools out there offers recovery from the iOS and Android devices, but Disk Drill lets you do that with ease. I also easily imported my iOS backup using the backup feature available.


Overall, Disk Drill is the best software to recover deleted files on Mac as well as Windows PC. You can download and try the free version of Disk Drill here, and for reliable and robust performance you can even go for the PRO version of the Disk Drill. I highly recommend this tool for personal as well as business use, as it impressed me with speedy recovery of my deleted data, essential value-adds and ease of use.