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CleanMyMac 3 Review: Must Have Clean-up & Maintenance Tool For Macbook!

Moving from Windows to Mac was the big change for my years old routine, and so far I am happy with the performance and stability. What helped me in a big way in the process is a mac cleaner tool that takes care of the performance altogether called CleanMyMac 3!

UPDATE: If you’re using Mac OS Catalina or Newer, Check out the new version CleanMyMac X Review!

From cleaning trash bins, mail attachments to using a simple uninstall feature that let me completely remove the related files, CleanMyMac 3 offered me many handy mac optimization tools along with performance improvements. Why it impressed me so much? Let’s find out in my following review.

CleanMyMac 3 Review

To maximize the performance of any computing system, it’s necessary to maintain the health of its memory and storage with proper optimization.  Where user fails at is cleaning up the clutter on a regular basis – starting from removing the unused apps and files or managing the temporary files.

CleanMyMac3 Menu

CleanMyMac has this handy widget on the top bar that quickly lets you peek into the available storage, Memory usage, battery, and Trash size. If at any point you feel that performance is slowing down I was quickly able to free up memory using top menu. I did not even have to open the app to clean the memory and its taken care of within seconds. You can also clean the trash folder by clicking on the Empty trash button. Even though cleaning up the cache is a small task for power Mac users, the accessibility that CleanMyMac Menu offers to performance fixes is what makes it worth owning this app.

Cleaning up System Junk

Now let’s move on to the biggest advantage of owning this performance monitoring app. CleanMyMac gets rid of the system junk, reduce application size, save disk space and fix various system errors caused by missing files or performance issues.

Just click on Scan and then clean the junk once you quickly review the analyzed contents.

Uninstalling a program completely from Mac along with the data it has created and the installer files are not one-click process. CleanMyMac makes it possible on your Macbook using its uninstaller feature. It lets you select all the associated content of your Mac app to be uninstalled properly.

CleanMyMac3 Review - Mac Maintenance App

Photos, iTunes & Email Junk Attachment Junk

Similarly, this mac maintenance app allows you to clean the Photo Junk. You can keep only necessary data related to your pictures and remove the RAW files.

iTunes Junk and unused email attachments in the Mail Client can also be cleaned using rest of the options.

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Large & Old Files

As I have mentioned in the introduction, we often have a lot of unused data residing in our Macbook. Large & Old File scan can give you a quick list of all such files and folders. But make sure you click on Review files, before removing all of them as it might contain some important data. I personally use the list to move the important large files to external storage and delete the rest of it.

Clean Old & Large Files on Mac


Another most useful feature I used was eradicating the sensitive information from the system that is impossible to recover.

Shredder feature can come in handy for removing personal and private data that you no longer want to keep.

Shredder - Permanently Delete Files Mac


Overall maintenance is one alternative performance improving feature I used once a month for complete Mac cleanup. It also allows Mac to verify and repair startup disk, reindex Spotlight searches, flush DNS cache etc.

There are options to remove apps, privacy content like auto-fill forms and stored passwords or cookies, iMessages, Skype and file history data using the Privacy option.Maintenance Tool For Macbook

You can either perform all-in-one Smart Cleanup Scan or proceed one scan at a time. The same app (CleanMyPC) is also available for Windows users with similar performance and maintenance features.


CleanMyMac 3 delivered exceptional results for maintaining my Macbook performance with its quick access menu. This Mac Cleaner keeps my system health in check and does quick memory and storage optimization. For the price of $39.99, CleanMyMac 3 is highly recommended for all Mac and Windows users.

Free Download (Trial Version) from MacPaw Website- Mac | Windows