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Zowie XL2546 240Hz Gaming Monitor & Celeritas II Experience at Extremesland Asia Qualifiers, Bangalore

BenQ Zowie announced the powerful 240Hz Esports gaming monitor as well as the first of its kind Celeritas II gaming keyboard back in June, but these are actually coming to India this week. Last week, at the Zowie eXTREMESLAND CS: GO Asia Open 2017 qualifiers in Bangalore, these specially designed gaming products were actually being used in the professional tournament.

The event was at League of Extraordinary Gamers Cafe, a premium Esports and gaming facility that hosts gaming events, boot camps and offers cutting-edge technology for Indian gamers, so they can compete with global gamers. The all-new 240Hz monitor Zowie XL2546 was the perfect addition to the arsenal of gamers who won the competition and now heading Shanghai to compete on Asia level. BenQ Zowie offered the winners an all-expenses-paid trip for the Shanghai event and also gifted them the latest gaming gear.

In our discussion with Shooting Monkeys, one of the runner-ups in the India qualifiers shared their experience with us,  “We had two days to get acquainted with the 240Hz monitors, initially, it felt super smooth, but we got a hold of it within next few days as kept playing. Once you experience the 240Hz gaming on XL2546, playing on 144Hz just feels slow. You need to experience it, to understand it, that’s all I can say!”

Zowie XL2546 240Hz Gaming Monitor Experience

I played Overwatch and CS:GO on the XL2546 monitor, and it felt refreshingly smooth in the first minute. As the pro gamers discussed, it took little time to get used to the speed at which things were moving, but once I got the hold of things, I thoroughly enjoyed the flawless smoothness especially for the FPS games.

XL2564 comes with the brand’s unique design element – ‘The Shield’ that provides separation from the distractive environment and it’s removable if you just don’t like it. Rest of the design is kept same as the predecessor Zowie XL2735, that we always praised in our review for screwless design and easy adjustment features.

So what’s new here is the DyAc technology that provides necessary clarity when things are moving faster at 240Hz. Dynamic Accuracy (DyAc) is a  proprietary technology by Zowie that offers crystal clear detailing even in vigorous movements or spraying of weapons. The improvements were most of the times visible during my Overwatch Session.

The native 240 Hz & built-in black equalizer technology that avoids overexposure of bright areas, make things even clearer for fast action games. To experience the 240Hz at full extent you have to make sure you have the high-performance PC for gaming. For rest of the mid-range or casual PC gamers or console gamers, Zowie has monitors from Zowie’s 60Hz RL series monitors, with a lot of similar features minus the shield & the S-switch. RL series monitor also has incredible blacks and clear visibility even in games like Infamous Son played on PS4.

With a lot of little and important things discussed in the one on one conversation with Mr. Rajeev Singh, Managing Director, BenQ Pvt. Ltd, Here are some of the most interesting factors.

“We are seeing more interest coming from smaller and medium cities for professional gaming gear that we have introduced under Zowie brand. Our goal is to support the growing culture of professional and passionate gaming, and sponsoring events like eXtremesland is one of them. We will be doing more boot camps and events at a broader level so Indian gamers can improve and compete on global level tournaments.” said Mr. Rajeev Singh.

Answering my questions about the high pricing of previous generation monitor (144Hz) and added value to gamers he answered,“This time around, we are aggressively pricing our best ever professional monitor Zowie XL2546 (240Hz)  at just Rs. 50,000. It comes with 3-year all India warranty including the panels with on-site warranty. No matter where you live any city or town, you will get the service guarantee with this purchase. We have also refreshed our previous 144Hz monitor with the DyAc technology and RL series monitors provide as much gaming features as possible at an affordable cost to casual gamers.”


Another great product recently introduced by Zowie is the Celeritas II gaming keyboard priced at Rs. 14,500. This keyboard comes with optical switch technology that provides precise ‘click’ movement and does need the maximum distance to be traveled (aka pen travel) for the key to performing an action. Specially designed for Esports this simple black and red designed keyboard stays on top of its game in the actual usage.


This keyboard does not need multiple key presses, and there is pretty much no learning curve to what this keyboard has to offer. CELERITAS II uses high-quality iron spring underneath the keys, and the sound of the clicks is little muted for the gaming sessions. But If you go ahead and type with full pressure the sound audible, and little unusual if you’re used to with the mechanical keyboards.

The LED backlit keys are in red, and you can adjust the key brightness. Sadly, there is no RGB, in case you like colors other than Red or just want that customization in an expensive gaming keyboard. The real-time response of the keys is the best thing you can have for multiplayer shooter games or any FPS game out there. The keyboard has does its job well, perform like any other top of the class gaming keyboard despite its simplistic two-color design, that BenQ Zowie kind of goes with all of its flagship products.

Price & Availability

These new monitors and older monitors refreshed with the Zowie DyAc technology will be available in retail stores as well major online platforms starting the last week of September.

Price of Zowie XL2564 in India – Rs.50,000

Price of Zowie CELERITAS II Keyboard in India – Rs. 14,500