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WD Scorpio Black 320 GB Notebook HDD Review

Western Digital is one of the leading manufacturer of the HDD’s in world S& This time they have introduced Scorpio Black Edition of the  HDD which are meant for the Laptops and the notebooks.

They are designed for mobility with features like Shock Guard and Free-Fall Sensor. Whenever the drive is about to fall at the time of its use it detects that its falling and closes the head to prevent the data damage also the Shock Guard gets activated at that particular time. Also it has a 16 MB of cache memory along with 5400 RPM, due to which power is not the issue, as the power is saved and it increases the battery life of our notebook. It is compatible with all most all the available mobile laptop products and is a SATA drive with data transfer speeds upto 3 GB/s.

Technical Specification :

Capacity : 320 GB

Interface : SATA

Data Transfer Rate : 3 GB/s

Dimension : Height : 95mm

Width : 69.85mm

Depth : 100mm

Weight : 90 gm

OS : Windows/MAC/Linux

Type : Notebook/Laptop Internal Storage

RPM : 5400

Power Supply : Internal (Low Power Consumption)

Pros :

It is energy saving. It is a product of a trusted brand. Compatible with all the OS and almost every available Hardware. Faster transfer rate a very reliable storage.

Cons :

Not yet noted any of them.

If your notebook hard drive is out of order and you wanna change it then you must surely go and buy out this drive for you laptop. It won’t depress you and will fulfill all your expectations.

Price :