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Zion 8GB DDR4 RAM Review – Best Budget Gaming RAM!

With the increasing adoption of Skylake processors, the demand for the suitable DDR4 RAM has gone up. And thanks to this, the prices are coming down for both basic and performance memory sticks.

Zion, an Indian RAM manufacturer has their own DDR4 RAM lineup which starts with the 8GB memory and has recently been introduced with 16GB RAM both at very impressive pricing. This manufacturer has been around since 1997 and trusted by brands like HCL, Wipro, Sony, LG & HP for their PC production. I had the pleasure of getting my hands on Zion 8GB DDR4 SDRAM and have tested it for the performance, build & overall value compared to other well-known brands.

Zion 8GB DDR4 RAM Review (2133 MHz)

Build Quality & Specs

zion 8gb ddr4 ram

The Zion RAM came packed into a transparent plastic package with a cardboard piece marked with Zion branding. Out of the box, the red colored heat sink on top felt thinner as it was separated in the middle.

The heat sink panels are on both the sides of the chip and are shaped like a comb.This design choice makes it less durable and comfortable to push into the memory slot on the motherboard.

There is no warranty documentation with the RAM, so you can easily replace this RAM without any paperwork for almost 3 years of warranty period.

It is an 8 GB DDR4 RAM which clocks at 2133 MHz frequency at 1.2 V. Therefore, if you motherboard has 4 RAM slots then you can expand your RAM up to 32 GB and even use them in dual channel.

ZION 8GB DDR4 RAM With Red Spikes


DDR4 RAM chips have impressive numbers and the Zion RAM isn’t any different. So, I swapped it with my existing RAM with similar specs, and the initial bootup and multitasking was happening at expected high speeds. Basic windows tools & third party software loaded without any lag.

As this being a gaming or performance series RAM, I was looking forward to its performance during heavy gaming. So, I played one of my favorite game Crysis 3 and it loaded quickly as expected. Gameplay was smooth and without any lag. With our GTX 750 Ti graphics card with 6th Gen Core i3 build, I recorded good frame rates at about 30 to 40 FPS throughout the game in full HD, which are impressive.

Heatsink Design of Zion RAM

Also, I played games like Witcher 3, Rainbow Six, and this Zion RAM performed flawlessly and I didn’t notice any kind of glitch or lag during my 4 hours long gameplay. Also, the heat sink managed to keep the temperature well under control for heavier tasks like video rendering or prolonged gaming, so great work by Zion there.


I used Passmark and Novabench benchmarking tools and following are the results of these tests.

As you can see clearly, the Zion 8 GB DDR4 RAM gets a pretty good score overall, very much similar to mainstream gaming series RAM in the market.


The Zion 8GB DDR4 RAM performs quite well in all the aspects and is at its best while gaming. However, I would recommend you should avoid the plugging and unplugging of your RAM frequently.

So, if you are a gamer on a budget but do not want to compromise on the performance of your system, Zion 8GB DDR4 RAM is a great option.

5 Responses

  1. Hi! Can you tell the price of the product? That would be helpful while comparing

      1. Thanks boss! So my friend who is also building me a computer did say the correct approximate price at around 7-8 grand for 16 GB 8*2 sticks, I googled reviews about them and looking by yours i am kind of relieved lol but interestingly their own site got no mention of DDR4 RAM sticks, only DDR3 and DDR3L

        1. Yeah, their site does not display price. But their FB page is quite active, just in case if you want to communicate with Zion. Good luck building that PC!