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Next Generation Core i7 & Athlon 2 Processors

We are familiar with two giants  of chip manufacturing  Intel and AMD have introduced New Edition Processors in the market to increase the performance and to meet the demand  for graphic and multimedia .tasking.

AMD with Athlon 2 and Intel with Core i7 950 & 975 Extreme.
Today we will regarding Intel  Processors.

Intel, which always is a top priority for consumers introduced core  i7 processors in market in November 2008.

Intel launched the Core i7 920,940 and 965 Extreme Edition Processor on 17th November 2008 and Core i7 950 and 975 Extreme Edition on 3rd June 2009.

The Core i7 Processors lead other Processors in following fields:

Nehalem Architecture: World’s Fastest Architecture.
Uses 45 nm Technology: World’s Best Micro architecture.
731 Million Transistors: World’s Maximum Number of Transistors Usage.
8 MB Smart Cache Memory: World’s Highest Capacity Cache Memory.
64 GB Address Memory: World’s Highest Address Memory.
LGA1366 Socket

The Core i7 Processors had 5 versions:
Core i7 920
Core i7 940
Core i7 950
Core i7 965 Extreme
Core i7 975 Extreme

Following are Core i7 Hardware Features:

Core i7 Hardware Features

Applications :

These Processors are normally used where ‘Complex Task’ and ‘Graphics Requirement’ are more.

We’ll publishing all the details of its feature from multitasking to hyper threading