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“PikaPika” is the One-stop Solution for the Parents to Ensure Safe Digitalization for Kids During and Post-COVID-19

Technology has widened our horizon many folds. It has connected the entire world into a single string. India has emerged as a global leader in Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES). During COVID Pandemic as well our Government has reaped the fruit of Digital Advancement by launching Self Check Apps and guiding educational institutions to use digital platforms for continuing the ongoing sessions of students during the lockdown period.


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This leads to digitalization in the hands of children. But the matter of concern is the type of content, fake news, explicit materials, and addiction to social media, games, online surfing among others. It impacts the mental and emotional quotient of children. Parents are conscious as well as worried about this.


PikaPika App | Parental Control App | Leaning Videos & Games for Kids | Digital Wellbeing


To resolve the parental concerns for their beloved kids, here we present the “PikaPika” App which provides a protected environment for kids to safely use and explore third-party apps and content available on the internet. Parents can create a password protected kid zone in their phones and manage the apps that their kids are allowed to use, limit their screen time, block in-app purchases, and maintain privacy with many other useful features. During this COVID-19 Pandemic situation, it’s very important to control the screen time of children.


   Chitranshu, Co-founder, PikaPika App

To ensure the safe future and healthy lifestyle of children, three of the Alumni of IIT Delhi named Chitranshu Mahant, Aman Gupta, and Aman Verma designed the app “PikaPika”. The app is backed by big names including the HFCL group, Venture Catalysts, and Auxano resources. Also, they are globally partnered with brands like iBall, Touchmate, and manufacturers of tablets and Smart TV based in China. “PikaPika” kid-zone can be created in any Android device including tablets, Smart TV, smartphone, and parents can also manage their kids’ devices from their smartphones remotely. This app is currently in use by almost 15,000 parents globally. This app is specifically designed for parents who have kids between the age of 3-12 Years. Also by Keeping with the make in India, the company is planning to expand aggressively in global markets.


Nowadays almost every child has access to screen time on his or her parent’s smartphone or are given their own devices. In the COVID-19 times, the average screen time is increased to a whopping 9 hours from an average of 4 hours/day, a child’s education, communication, entertainment a lot is happening on the screen. Digital health and the safety of kids is a very crucial problem to solve. Apart from providing digital safety tools to parents, “PikaPika” has inbuilt libraries of videos, games, comics, and websites to enable kids to safely view and explore third-party content available on the internet. We are working every day to provide a healthy world for kids who are getting started in the digital ecosystem. Our mission is to provide better screen time to kids and we have just started,” said Mr. Chitranshu Mahant, Co-founder, “PikaPika” App.


About PikaPika

“PikaPika” is the company based out of New Delhi, they launched the product in January 2020. With a team of 11 people, the company is looking to raise funds for its next phase of growth. The vision of the company is to become a super app for parents in the digital world. The company believes in providing better screen time for kids and peace of mind for parents.


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