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Kingston HyperX Cloud Drone Review: Entry Level Gaming Headets

[paragraph]Kingston with its HyperX Cloud series has indeed set the benchmarks in the gaming headsets segment. The Cloud and Cloud II are one of the best gaming headsets I’ve previously tested, which are targeting more towards professional or hardcore gamers. But today we are going to do the review of entry-level offering in the series – Kingston HyperX Cloud Drone.[/paragraph]

Can this affordable gaming headset top the performance in the segment similar to its higher priced siblings? – Let’s find out in the following review.

Kingston HyperX Cloud Drone Review (Gaming Headsets)

First Impressions

Being a budget headset don’t expect the fancy accessories you get with the Cloud or Cloud II. In a neatly packaged plastic case, you get the HyperX Cloud Drone headset attached to with the microphone and a 2m extension cable.

The HyperX Cloud Drone has 50mm drivers that respond well to the audible frequency range and provide a real 2.0 experience.

The premium material used in building the core elements of this headset are similar to the ones used in making its other higher-priced siblings, although, the cost cuttings are visible. There is no leather with beautiful red stitches on the headband, and even the amount of foam cushion or the width of the headband is minimal. The durable plastic used in the frame feels quite sturdy. It’s unfair to compare these budget gaming headphones to its professional counterparts as they are prices at twice or thrice compared to the Drone.

After saying that, Cloud Drone is one of the most comfortable on-ear headsets you can find on the market right now at this price. It certainly looks quite bulky at first, but it feels weightless once you wear the headset. Earcups fit perfectly over the ear and are as comfortable as it can get in this price range.


The HyperX logo printed on both the ear cups that are made out of plastic as well.

The microphone isn’t detachable and therefore fixed on the left side of the headphone. I found this useful as I didn’t have to check the Left-Right indicators on the headsets every time I put them on. There is a volume control knob on the outer side of the right ear cup, which I ended up using frequently and it’s a sensible design choice by Kingston.

Connectivity and Specifications

The HyperX Cloud Drone can be connected to your smartphones, PC or gaming console via 3.5mm jack. The 2m extension cable is a good add-on you can play games & chat from the couch with your console or HTPC.

Drone does not come with any USB connection, and it has an impedance of 24 ohms and maximum power output of 100mW. These numbers are impressive for the headphones in the segment.

Sound Quality

The sound quality is at par with the competition. I played Rainbow Six Siege, Tom Clancy’s: The Division, Counter Strike: GO, Street Fighter V and other games both on my PC and my PS4. In RPG games, we usually don’t have to worry from where the opponent is coming from, and the background score keeps playing. So these headsets were not so much of use, although, the sound quality was brilliant and that helped me for an immersive gaming experience.

During FPS games, however, keeping track of the enemy’s footsteps help us gain the extra edge in warfare. And this is where I found the Cloud Drone ideal as I could respond faster to the direction of the sound. You don’t get this precision in regular headsets priced in this segment. These headphones provided exceptional noise isolation, and the 2 to 3 hours long gaming sessions were a comfortable experience. That is the best thing you need in an on-ear headset.

Many will buy HyperX Cloud Drone for regular music, as they have an inexpensive price tag and also stand out from the crowd. Therefore, I played music and watched movies on my smartphone with the headsets on, and it did a great job playing sound effects with all the details.


Gaming headsets are expensive, but with the HyperX Cloud Drone priced at Rs 2,599 in India, it’s an excellent choice for casual and beginner gamers. But if you could spare more, there’s no sense not considering any of the best gaming headsets this 2019. Check out this list so you could browse and make the right investment.

At this budget, it certainly has no other competitor that offers a gaming headset with this build and sound quality. And for the price that impressive, I would highly recommend this headset for the budget gaming PC & console users.