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Siberia 350 review – Is it Best Headset for Gaming

Even though Siberia company now moves on to the production of their new Arctis headphone models, still the Siberia 350 holds its significance. It’s still that model with plenty of lovable features best for gaming. 

In its super quality design, the highly versatile Siberia 350  bears premium features like the virtual surround sound Which makes it quite outstanding and relevant like the rest of top models in its list. The difference is that it conforms to these features to be able to accommodate all gamers even those with lower budgets.

The 350 model is an upgrade from the Siberia V3 Prism. Perhaps, if you have seen or used it before, you would notice their similarities. As an advanced model, certainly, you expect better performances from newly incorporated operative features. From our comprehensive research In this headset review, we have compiled the most premium information that you necessarily need to know about headsets.

Product description – Siberia 350

The most notable feature of Siberia 350 is its lightweight. Regardless of the 50mm drivers input the ear cups, this model remains less weight. Hence, even if you have it over your head the entire day you will never experience anything like headache nor exhaustion because of it. If you currently have a heavy model, this could be your very best solution to consider significantly. 

For those who have large size ears, this model, I guess, would be so appropriate for you. It comes with such large ear cups to accommodate the 50mm drivers and active LED panels.

 One flaw about this is the thick fabric cushioning, which is significant as well and covers more than the ear’s space. For some people, this would cause discomfort. It is only fortunate that they do not clamp so tight to the ear and therefore feel comfortable to most users. 

This headset comes with LED lighting system which forms a sizeable glowing ring around the ear cups whenever plugged in through a USB connection. Out of their customization, the lights change colors giving it such a cool and stylish look. For some people it brings that gaming mood and intensifies it. 

The on-set controls for this model do not require any rocket science knowledge to operate. Once you have the device plugged in, you will be ready to go. Its USB cord features no connectivity complications.  It comes with a simple on-cord control switch for the volume and a basic on/off switch for mic muting. 

The Siberia 350 also comes along with an active mic highly adjustable to positions you most prefer. The mic is fully detachable, so you can only have it on when you intend to chat with your gaming partners. You must, however, understand that this model does not offer all-round functionality. Strictly it is for gaming. 


Siberia typically sells between $100 and $150. Most retailer shops will sell it at $120. This price is fair considering its overall design plus what is has to offer. 

Key features and Specifications 

Quality Audio

When new from the shop with default settings, Siberia 350 produces standard sound profile. However, putting in a bit of equalization provides such high quality audio. The 50mm drivers it has is very best for base sound however without adjusting the sound dialogue, the sound of the music produced can be sharper.

Another contributing factor to its production of quality sound is the DTS X 7.1 surround sound technology it uses. With it, you will be able to perceive different sounds such as footsteps while watching your videos or listening to music. 

Microphone Quality

When it comes to the microphone, this device losses a lot of credit. Compared to its audio’s quality performance, the microphone her seem to be more of a lackluster. Well, you will be able to converse with your online gaming team through it, but it will all be of poor quality.


With a single connection through USB, this device effectively works with Mac, PC, and PS4. The console gamers might find it a little rough trying to make their 1.5-meter cable work while they do not have the 3.5mm adaptor. Out of these situations, those with PS4 literary gets stuck and cannot continue with the game. 

Headband adjustment

The 350 models will not require you to struggle with fitting in your head in the headset. However, it allows you to put the ear cups on your ears and let the headband adjust to a perfect fitting size of your head. 

Audio Controls

These controls include a volume wheel located on the cable and mute button on the left ear cup. The two ensures preferred settings get effected. 

RGB illumination

Through these prism illumination colors, this device appears more cool and stylish. The total colors it produces amounts to 16.8 million which is quite a lot. However, if you so wish, you can switch these lights off if at all they feel distractive to you.



It produces highly customizable quality sound



Uses surround sound technology


Limited compatibility

Sound needs adjustments to be better


Finding an all-round useful gaming headset can be a tricky business especially for armatures. However, the fact still holds that for better gaming, you need one bearing all your preferred features. Siberia 350 is an upgraded model from the previous V3 Prism and now features more advanced and attractive operative features.

It can never be a wrong choice to buy; however, you much be aware of its flaws. The most dominant one is limited compatibility. The 350 model is mainly for gaming, nothing else. Even so, its audio dialogue needs adjustments to help produce high quality sounds comfortable to the ear. If you are satisfied with any of these, then it can be your best or better choice to help you enjoy your gaming even more. 

If you are going to buy the 350 headset model, ensure to note the key features of this product to avoid buying counterfeit products.