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4 Things that Every Potential Customer Looks for Before Buying Residential Flats

For many potential homeowners, purchasing a flat is a big buy that involves moving a huge amount of money. As you put in such money, you want to ensure that you make the right decision. This is exactly what this article is all about helping you achieve.

The actual flat purchasing process is not as complicated as it may at first seem. Even when you do not understand it in its entirety, your property seller will be more than happy to explain every step to you. The difficult part is distinguishing between the ‘real’ and ‘unreal’ property proposals. This guide offers you some of the possible tricks and tips that you ought to remember so that your decision is the right one.

While this guide seeks to help you purchase brand new constructions, other points take into consideration existing buildings. Some tips may be applicable only to certain types of flats.

First Questions

As you shop around for a modern real estate flat complex, some of the questions you should consider include:

  • Is there a daily market nearby that offers you vegetables and fruits?
  • What hospitals or clinics are nearby?
  • If you have small children in your household, are there parks or playgrounds nearby?
  • What is your main means of transportation? Is it public transport? Look for close-by railway stations or bus stops
  • Where are the banks or post-offices located in relation to the flat you are about to purchase?
  • Are there offices, colleges, or schools close-by?
  • What will your transport costs be daily, weekly and monthly?
  • Is the neighborhood safe for raising children?
  • Are there power backup services serving your apartment building?
  • How is drainage, sewage and water supply handled?

Choosing a Flat that Suits Your Needs

It is critical to choose a flat that serves most of your needs and fits into your lifestyle. These questions will help you in the decision making tree:

  • What is the average age of people living in your apartment? If you have an active elderly member in your family, the first or ground floors will make a better choice
  • If you prefer living on the highest floor available, is there a lift service available in the apartment complex?
  • Is the lift service served by a generator in case of a blackout?
  • When choosing ground floor apartments, check into the possibility of floods within the location
  • If the area is prone to floods, has the developer taken measures to ensure that your property and family are safe?
  • Are the windows in the apartment large enough to allow lots of natural light to flow in?
  • What other amenities are located in the apartment complex or compound?

The internal and external designs of the flat are important features that should be considered in your decision-making process. Some of the things you should be on the lookout for include:

  • Does the flat have too many hallways? You are paying on the basis of area covered, so too many hallways can eat up the overall room-area.
  • Make sure the flat has at least a common toilet that will serve your visitors without having them enter your bedroom.
  • The kitchen and dining rooms should be close to each other for easier serving of food to your family and guests.
  • Check the railing height and distance between every railing to ensure the safety of children.
  • Sometimes, developers choose to place bathrooms close to the kitchen area in an effort to reduce plumbing costs. However, this may end up cluttering up the flat and reducing ventilation of the other rooms. Ensure this does not happen in your apartment.
  • Measure furniture against the ground to see the amount of space left for movement

Quality Construction?

Before choosing a particular flats project, it is prudent that you check the quality of the construction. Some of the things to look out for are:

  • Check up on the architect’s, contractor’s and promoter’s reputations for construction. Visit projects they have done in the past and try locating any faults in their construction by talking to people living in them
  • One unknown quality factor you should check up on is the cement used in the construction. Spring surprise visits at the construction site to find out about the cement type used. Find out from the builder why they feel that particular cement is the right one for construction
  • Check for a structural liability or a performance guarantee clause to be included in the sale agreement. This ensures that your builder is liable for any defects in building construction for a number of years from the date of handing over the keys to the apartment to you.

Once you have considered all the points above, you may have found your dream flat. The next thing will be to check up on the developer.

The Developer Background Check

Assessing your developer’s ability to offer quality housing will help assure you that your flat is of top quality. For instance, Unitech is a financially sound builder that is capable of executing and completing projects without external borrowings. The company has a traceable track record that offers a great reference point for new launches and under construction projects.

When choosing a builder, the quantity of completed projects delivered and time taken should be taken into consideration. Buy flats in Gurgaon from Unitech with the confidence that you are working with one of the most trusted names in the construction industry.