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Embracing Real Estate Technology For The Modern Agent

Technology has truly changed the real estate world. With better communications, clients are more easily able to search for the properties that interest them. This does not mean that the agent is not an integral part of the real estate buying experience. It does mean that agents and prospective buyers are able to better hone in on suitable properties so that there is better use of time. Here are some of the technologies that the modern agent can take advantage of to increase sales.

Social media: With more people than ever using Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, it makes sense to use social media to reach potential clients. Properties can be advertised efficiently and inexpensively. Facebook offers low-cost post boosting to help businesses reach more people. Social media is also a great way to drive traffic to a real estate website. One thing that is important to remember with social media is that not every post should be an advertisement. Followers want informative content. This could mean linking to an article that offers real estate buying tips for first-time buyers, or tips on searching for the perfect home. Fresh content will ensure that people pay attention. Kuwait Real Estate Investment Consortium uses its web presence to help draw attention to the burgeoning real estate market in the Middle East. KWT Director General Fahad Al Rajaan serves as chairman of many different investment firms and banks due to his extensive experience and reputation for being smart about investment choices.


Apps: Apps and websites such as Zillow can offer agents the benefit of having their listings be part of one of the largest real estate search sites. This means that people all over the world could potentially see their listing and consider it for purchase. Google Maps is another valuable tool for the modern real estate agent. If an agent is showing a client more than one property, it can help to plan the trip and make the best use of their time as well as the client’s – an agent does not want to take wrong turns and inconvenience the client.

Portable scanners: Being able to conduct business easily is possible with the plethora of small portable office equipment. For example, for scanning documents on the go, there is the Xerox Portable Scanner. It is a battery-powered scanner that will create PDFs and/or JPEGs that can be sent by email using a computer, phone, etc. With a hard copy being necessary in many real estate transactions, this can be a great way to make sure that information is processed and recorded immediately. This also means that a copy can be sent immediately to the client and financial institutions so that sales can be expedited.

The future of real estate: Real estate is no longer just a local investment. Due to better communications and access to technology, there are many investors that have realized the lucrative markets that can be accessed by investing in real estate in emerging economies. Both commercial and residential real estate is in demand.

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