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How To Land A Job In IT Companies Without Any Technical Background

A common myth that most people believe about the tech industry or the IT industry is that you need some kind of programming or software experience to break into the field.

While this may be true for all the technical jobs in a company, there are still many job holders that can reap the advantages of the IT industry without having a programming background. 

Non Technical Jobs in IT Company

Here are some of the types of jobs you can get even without any technical background.

Marketing and Sales Roles

Many IT companies are indeed doing crazy things and inventing new technologies that are hard to define. There are even some that are complex enough that they don’t fit within a traditional business model of selling for more than you buy for.

However, even these companies need people who can market and sell their complex ideas to the company’s intended audience such as other companies or even lay people. 

Marketing and Sales departments are absolutely necessary to keep a company running. 

These are people responsible for getting the word out about the new idea or product before someone else beats it. 

Working in these departments usually does not require a technical background besides the working knowledge of the product or service you are selling.

HR and Talent Acquisition Roles

Another great avenue to explore is Human Resources and Talent Acquisition positions that hardly require any technical knowledge – even less than marketing and sales.

While you may need to know legal rules and regulations for a Human Resources position, the same is not true for Talent Acquisition roles. Most recruiters that work for IT companies are usually those who have great people skills.

You need to be able to find, interview and evaluate candidates based on the job description. Becoming a recruiter is easy and can be great for people who are confident and good judges of character. 

Not only that you also get to be the person to give someone a job which is a great feeling!

Project and Product Manager Roles

As mentioned before, even IT companies need a person to manage their product portfolio and their project timelines. 

Project and Product Manager roles are essentially glorified coordinators that reiterate timelines and facilitate conversation between parties if a conflict arises regarding a specific task.

The only real experience you might need to do this job would be some background working with project management apps commonly used by many companies nowadays and some knowledge about Agile principles.

Content Creation Roles

While in the same vein as Marketing roles, you can always find a role in content creation whether that is being a social media influencer for the brand or a graphic designer for all illustrations used by the company.

You can even become an affiliate marketer for the company if they have such an offer.

All you need is a creative edge that fits well with the IT company you are trying to target. Besides graphic design, there is also a lot of scope in becoming a writer.

It would be even easier to break into the IT field as a technical writer if you have some experience in technology but cannot code. You can find qualified writers online to get some help on a resume for this type of job.


Now that we have debunked the myth that you need any technical expertise to break into the IT field, it is important to mention that there are many certification courses available for free online. 

You can become a graphic designer or a project manager in a matter of months if you decide to enroll in these courses. 

Finally, we recommend that you take the time to talk to some people already in the field to understand their career trajectory. Get an idea of the ways to land a tech company job and then decide which one you want to take from there!