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Best Free VPN Reddit: Uncover Top Picks

Discover the most trusted recommendations for the ‘Best Free VPN Reddit’ as fellow users on this data-sharing platform share their top choices and insights. Find the perfect VPN for your online privacy needs within the diverse subreddits of this informative community.

Reddit is a data-sharing/social media hybrid website where users may share information and ideas on various topics. These topics are divided into specialized sections, or “subreddits,” and individuals who explore those subreddits often have a specific interest in the subject.

While not officially fact-checked, Reddit is an excellent place to hear the opinions and thoughts of peers and experts on the issue. It also has its own method of regulating less popular viewpoints by displaying the most upvoted (basically declaring, “This many people agree with what they have to say!”) and most popular comments.

Best Free VPN reddit

This is why, in this article, we’ll look at the best free VPN to which the Reddit people agree are excellent. It’s safe to presume that many of those who are interested in these articles have used them. As a result, we’ll employ these VPN users as our test group.

Before we begin, it is critical to realize that free VPNs can only give a different level of service than a commercial VPN company. There will be limitations, drawbacks, or negatives to balance out the perks you gain with each one. That is not to say that using one is a bad idea. A free VPN is usually preferable to no VPN. Selecting the best choice is critical to avoid paying a monthly price for a premium service.

We considered the drawbacks of each service and weighed the benefits against the drawbacks. So, let’s look at some of Reddit’s favorite free best VPNs! I came across some subreddits where users talked and reviewed some of the free best VPNs when researching the best VPNs. I trusted them and tested a couple of them because it’s safe to say Reddit members know a thing or two about best free VPN!

In this post, I will review some of the best free VPNs I have used and enjoyed. Your needs and goals will determine the best VPN for you, but my reviews should assist you in making an informed decision. Here’s a quick rundown of the VPNs I’ll be addressing later.

What exactly is a VPN?

Let’s go through the fundamentals before we get into the meat of the issue. A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a secure and encrypted internet connection that conceals your online identity and prevents other network users from detecting you. It conceals your IP address (the unique address of your network) by routing traffic through a VPN host-configured distant server.

You can use a VPN to prevent third parties, including your internet service provider, from following your online activities, hacking into your machine, and stealing your data. All your online actions, such as browser history and shared data, are kept private. Encryption occurs in real-time; you can protect your data while utilizing any public network.

The Advantages of Using a VPN

Every internet user concerned about the security and privacy of their data should consider using a VPN. Here are some of its advantages:

Encryption for Security

VPNs enable you to protect your data when utilizing public internet networks by encrypting it. To view your data, third parties would must an encryption key. They won’t be able to force their way into your data if they don’t have it. This is where VPN comes into play.

Access to Geo-restricted Content VPNs can make it appear like you’re accessing the internet from another country. When this occurs, you can access websites and material from nations that are inaccessible to yours.

If you want to watch a show on Netflix US, for example, you can use a VPN to change your location to any of the states in the United States and receive access to their material.


A VPN allows you to disguise your location. Anyone attempting to steal your data will be directed to the VPN server’s data, ensuring that your location and IP address remain anonymous and secure. This can give you more flexibility while using any public or private network.

With that said, here are some of the finest VPNs I discovered by consulting Reddit. Their consumers all highly rate them.


While the Opera browser has lost ground to Google Chrome and Firefox, the Opera VPN is one of the best free options on the market. There is no need to install a separate software or browser extension. It also includes a browser for both mobile and desktop use. When you enable Opera VPN, you can access the Internet using a virtual IP address that conceals your location and provides complete privacy on the Internet.


  • Built into the Browser
  • There is no need to log in.
  • Both mobile and desktop versions are available.
  • General and over 30 distinct sites

Furthermore, it does not keep track of your internet activity, much alone collect information or data. It is completely free to use, with no fees or data limits. It’s also quite simple to use, so this is it if you want a simple VPN.

Best Free VPN rated by reddit


ProtonVPN is a comprehensive VPN that swiftly and securely addresses all your privacy concerns. This tool’s server network is built on military-grade shelters, adding a physical layer of security.

It employs all of the security features, including DNS protection, split tunneling, and a kill switch, to ensure your data is secure while providing exclusive access to geo-restricted material.

You can watch your favorite episodes and movies on popular streaming sites like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hotstar, Hulu, and others from anywhere worldwide while protecting your identity and IP address.


  • • Anonymous browsing
  • • DNS protection measures
  • • Kill Switch and Split Tunnelling
  • • 100+ free servers

ProtonVPN boasts 2,978 servers in 68 locations, allowing you to connect to a high-bandwidth server near you while protecting you from cybercrime thieves.

While the VPN has numerous expensive plans, it also includes a free version, allowing access to essential services. Of course, you must pay the price to realize its potential fully. If you enjoy the test drive, consider investing in it later.


Betternet is a VPN with tremendous capabilities that offers excellent performance and features at no cost. It can safeguard your identity while blocking malware and phishing attempts, allowing you to safely surf websites and streaming platforms and access geo-restricted material internationally.

While I’ve had a good experience with the software, other users have encountered problems with the VPN. Considering the benefits and drawbacks of utilizing any VPN is critical, as there is no “perfect” answer regarding free services.


  • Always-on mode
  • Anti-phishing safeguards
  • IP and DNS leak prevention
  • More than 1,000 servers

The good news is that you don’t have to register to utilize the VPN and benefit from military-grade encryption. Download it and begin using it right away.


Windscribe is the most user-friendly VPN. This VPN makes it quite simple to change your location and enjoy the benefits of browsing the internet from that area, including all of the geo-restricted content you may access. It is so powerful that it is reported to circumvent China’s Great Firewall and other restrictions in Saudi Arabia and Turkey. It works with Mac, PC, Linux, Android, and iOS, blocking trackers and increasing your online privacy like never before.

Furthermore, you get 10 GB of free monthly storage, after which you must upgrade to the premium plan. However, the free version is adequate for basic VPN needs because the speed is good and allows unlimited simultaneous connections.


  • Servers in over 63 countries
  • IP addresses and domains are blocked.
  • Provides Anonymous and secure browsing with R.O.B.E.R.T,
  • DNS-based solution

It also provides extremely effective protection. It is far more robust than many other solutions available. Windscribe is an excellent alternative to consider if you’re concerned about data theft when using public Wi-Fi or want to block unwanted adverts.

I can personally attest to its dependability, speed, and security, not to mention the straightforward interface that puts all the important elements right in front of you.

Also read:-NordVPN for Torrenting – How Good Is It? hides you on the Internet, as the name implies. It gives you strong digital privacy and super-advanced security, and it can even overcome censorship to provide you access to all kinds of content around the world, including those forbidden in some countries.

Many people, like myself, adore this VPN since, unlike other VPNs, it is not privately owned or operated by a megacorporation. You can relax knowing that only you can access your data and no one else can use it for bad purposes.


  • Bolt Technology is an independent service that provides complete IPv6 support.
  • Avoid internet censorship
  • It’s also one of the fastest free VPNs on the market, thanks to Bolt technology.

Additionally, it protects against IPv6 leaks. Despite many wonderful capabilities, it’s rather simple to use, with the ability to connect up to ten devices simultaneously.

Atlas VPN

While the free edition of Atlas VPN is less comprehensive than some options, it is adequate for the ordinary user. The free edition includes three places with no speed or device restrictions. Conversely, the commercial version provides superior security thanks to the impregnable AES-256 and ChaCha20-Poly1305 encryption that safeguards your data.

It also provides 1000+ premium servers that allow you to freely play games, engage in various activities, torrent, or browse while remaining anonymous and protected. I’d recommend acquiring the pro version for this one first, but only after you’ve used the free version and determined how well it meets your needs.


  • 1000+ premium servers with AES-256
  • ChaCha20-Poly1305 encryption
  • Servers for SafeSwap
  • Data breach monitoring on SafeSwap servers

Even if you do not want the premium plan, you may still get the service done for free. But, there are certain restrictions.

The Drawbacks of Using a Free VPN

Now that I’ve taught you everything there is to know about free VPNs, let’s talk about why you should avoid them in the long term or use them sparingly. Here are some of the drawbacks of free VPNs you have yet to tell anyone about.

Security Threats

Free VPNs pose security hazards because these providers need more means to design or maintain a stricter security standard. This may expose you to cyber assaults such as tracking, hacking, malware, and phishing.

Slower Pace

Because free VPNs have limited bandwidth, they might smother internet speed, resulting in slow load and streaming times. This disadvantage won’t bother you if you don’t mind pages taking longer to load

Fewer Server Locations

Many VPN service providers only give limited server locations in their free plan, with others reserved for premium clients. This means you can only access geo-restricted content from specified countries, limiting your use.

Before downloading a free VPN, ensure their free version has servers in the country you want to visit.

Limited Customer Service

If you’ve downloaded a free VPN, don’t expect a very responsive customer service experience if you run into trouble. You’re on your own, so consider this disadvantage before purchasing one.


A VPN is crucial for ensuring your online activity’s safety, security, and privacy. It protects your browsing data from prying eyes, allowing you to access restricted sites while remaining anonymous.

So, these are some of the finest free VPNs, as voted on Reddit and endorsed by me. Many users have suggested avoiding free VPNs since they are less dependable than commercial VPNs.

According to users, these corporations want to make money in some way, and if they don’t get it from you, they might get it from somewhere else – possibly in exchange for (no points for guessing) your data.

Despite this, the ones discussed in this piece are believed to be the best, because they are not free but do provide some free services. However, before you choose any, you should consider the benefits of a VPN.

Windscribe is another trustworthy free VPN, owing to the fact that it does not rely on malicious techniques to make money. It provides free services up to 10 GB per month, after which you must upgrade, so they have a steady stream of cash and do not need to fool you.

If you need a free VPN for a short period of time or for basic reasons, you can utilize one of the options in this post without fear of data theft or tracking. For long-term use, I recommend enrolling in a paid VPN that meets all of your requirements while remaining within your budget.