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Designer Sanjukta Dutta at the New York Fashion Week 2022 Presenting Her New Collection Alphool


Mumbai, Maharashtra, India:
 Adroit Designer Sanjukta Dutta who is known for designing beautiful Mekhela Chador and reviving the Silk of Assam, showcased her new collection “Alphool” at the New York Fashion Week 2022 on 12th February, 2022. The show was attended by eminent dignitaries like Mr. Randhir Jaiswal (Consul General of India), Dr. Varun Jeph (Deputy Consul General of India), Mr. Senthur Kumaran (Director, India Tourism Office), Ms. Prem Lata – VP State Bank of India and many other know expats of Indian Origin based in New York.Sanjukta Dutta Label continues to be synonymous with classic Indian design sensibilities fusing new characteristics to suit the taste of the contemporary era. Each of Sanjukta Dutta’s silk attire is a rigorous handmade wonder that takes a minimum of 25 days to finish. The collection promises to enhance feminism and elegance of a woman with its variety of signature Mekhela Chador, Structured Saree, Flowy-Gowns, Drape-Skirts and Indo-Western Lehengas. The couture continues to celebrate Indian handloom and ensures contemporary ethnic assembles for women from all walks of life.
Highly impressed by the show Mr Randhir Jaiswal (Consul General of India) said “When you’re celebrating Sanjukta you’re celebrating India. Her Designs are very rich, it represents all that Assam is, all that India is.”
Designer Sanjukta Dutta said, “It’s a dream come true and a privilege for me and my artisans to get this overwhelming opportunity to see the Assam Handloom to be recognized at The New York Fashion Week, which is one of the world’s biggest fashion platforms for the designers.I am sure many closets in the US will soon find a perfect Assamese couture designed by me and I’ll continue to bring success in all my endless efforts to make fashion a medium of self-discovery.”

About collection “ALPHOOL”The new collection ‘Alphool’, meaning delicate, is Sanjukta’s vision of dressing the modern woman in distinct ensembles that blend style and statement in equal measure. The exotic shades of blue are interweaved with undiscovered indigenous motifs on the Mulberry silk, making it even more stunning. The collection promises to enhance the feminity and elegance of a woman with a variety of signature Mekhela Chadors, Structured Sarees, Flowy-Gowns, Drape-Skirts and Indo-Western Lehengas. The intricate details and textures added to every outfit make the collection even more stunning! Timeless craftsmanship coupled with an exuberant colour palette on the Assamese silk make it impossible not to fall head over heels for the newly launched series of outfits.

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