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How AI Improves The Sales Enablement Process

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been around for several decades. Its continuous evolution has significantly impacted various manufacturing, transportation, and healthcare industries. As a result, many companies are now adopting it to improve their sales processes.

AI will bring about positive changes for companies, but those unprepared will not thrive. However, for salespeople, the changes will have a negative effect because the rise of automation will continue to affect sales. As a result, leaders should start planning for their company’s future and use AI to improve their sales capabilities. Here’s your guide on how to improve your sales enablement process with the use of AI.

Sales Enablement Using Artificial Intelligence

The sales enablement process is a process that companies can implement to help their sales representatives create and deliver a compelling pitch to their customers. It also allows sales representatives better understand the product and the customer journey to sell more efficiently and confidently.

While sales automation refers to manually working through the sales funnel, it can be achieved using various software and tools, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and content automation. A good sales enablement strategy should involve assessing multiple factors to see how these can be utilized to improve the efficiency of the sales process.

From CRM software to artificial intelligence (AI) to robotic process automation (RPA), there are a variety of tools that may be used to streamline and automate daily sales processes, such as:

1. Sales Process Automation

Modern revenue modernization solutions through sales enablement help companies achieve continuous growth and improve the efficiency of their sales teams. You can seek expert solutions like to help you develop and implement strategies that will enable you to achieve your goals.

You and your sales staff may spend more time closing deals and being paid by using software to automate monotonous, manual activities. Using sales automation software, you can:

  • Automatically send out follow-up emails
  • Train new sales force members quickly and easily using a repeatable and scalable procedure.
  • Send customers bills and payment reminders to avoid unpleasant discussions and to get paid
  • Organize the sales process

2. Market Research

Understanding the potential impact of AI on market research is vital in understanding how it can transform how organizations operate and generate sales. AI is already changing the way we do market research.

The use of algorithms and machine learning has allowed market research to be conducted much faster and cheaper, which has led to a reduction in project timelines. Real-time data collected from various sources is another critical change in market research. It allows researchers to collect and analyze multiple sources in creating a more focused and forward-looking analysis for market and sales research.

3. Customer Engagement

AI is transforming the way businesses operate. It can target specific customers with great accuracy, and it’s already becoming more sophisticated as it learns. AI engines can collect data about a person’s web surfing habits by analyzing the search terms and social media platforms that they use.

This information can then inform a company’s marketing and sales team about the ideal customer. During the sales process, it’s also a good time to upsell and cross-sell opportunities. For instance, using AI helps customers find the best products and deals.

4. Streamline the Pricing

Getting involved in the negotiation and pricing process can be a bit challenging. With sales enablement automation, teams can quickly implement rules and procedures to manage the various steps involved in the process.

Once a customer purchases, AI can use the data collected to engage them in various ways. For instance, it can follow up with them after a one-day trial at a gym to learn more about their experience.

Companies can now target their customers more effectively and implement a good pricing strategy with artificial intelligence. It allows them to connect with them in a more personalized manner.


Despite the hype, AI is already widely used by sales teams. Many companies are already planning on increasing their use of it in the next couple of years. AI can help improve the way customers interact with your company, which boosts your bottom line.

In today’s world, selling a product or service is no longer an isolated process. It requires a team of sales representatives to thoroughly prepare and implement a sales enablement process. This process helps sales teams gain the necessary resources and expertise to close deals. A robust sales enablement process helps sales representatives close more deals and learn more about the customer. It provides them with the necessary tools and resources to close more deals efficiently.