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5 Mistakes to Avoid that Could Wreck your Online Promo Strategy

Everyone knows you need to be online no matter what line of business you are in these days, you will struggle to find a firm that doesn’t have at least one of the following: website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. But just having these platforms does not guarantee success. Here are 5 mistakes to avoid that could wreck your online promo strategy to be aware of so that we may give ourselves the best chance of success.

Posting at the Wrong Time

It would be such a waste if you go to all the thought and effort of making the perfect post for a promo campaign and then having no-one seeing it. This is why timing the post to have the maximum effect is of paramount importance. For example, if you are selling products directed at football fans why not post when they are most online, such as around game time. There are loads of social media management tools around and some of these allow you to schedule posts so that you don’t even need to be around when this happens.

Creating Dull Content

OK, firstly we know that none of us start out trying to create dull content, but it’s easier than you might think to accidentally create content that the public doesn’t engage with. One piece of advice that is commonplace is to make sure that you use visual content, a simple picture ad can be created so easily with an online generator.

Not Checking Your Website’s Active

You will, no doubt, spend a huge amount of time and expense getting your website to be the right setup to tell what you are all about and deliver the best possible message to your customers. But what happens if the website goes down? If this happens at the wrong time then it can be catastrophic for your sales so it’s important to be sure you have as little down-time as possible for your site. Firstly, when choosing a host you can see and compare stats on the % of the time that they experience outages. You can even have someone else take care of your uptime monitoring leaving you to do other things.

Right Message, Wrong Platform

When using social media you need to be aware that some platforms are better for some types of posts than others. YouTube for videos, tutorials or even adverts is obvious, Twitter is good for updates and announcements and Facebook is more suitable for long term things like general business promotion.

Not Responding

Responding to customers is a key issue, this may seem obvious as there’s no point putting out a post and then not responding to messages. But it’s not just messages, you need to be aware of the comments below the postings as these can be visible to all and if someone posts a negative or has a complaint then you need to be able to respond in a way that turns the situation around. A good response to a complaint can make you look good.