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3 crazy Ideas Of Where To Spend You Next Holidays

It has been years now that you are going on holiday every year. You have seen many beautiful countries and you have tried many experiences, but now you start to lack a bit of inspiration for your next vacations? Here are some crazy ideas for techies to make your next trip as unusual as possible.

Nudist Resorts

Have you ever considered going to a nudist resort? It may seem a bit strange at first to wander around without any clothes on, but once you get used to it, you just cannot imagine how great it feels to feel the sun and the breeze all over the skin of your body. It is like putting all barriers down and getting as free as a bird flying for the first time. You actually feel so free that you usually end up chatting about everything and nothing without any taboo with people around. That helps a lot to forget about the strictness of your everyday life and when you come back from holidays, you really feel that you had vacations. Did you know that it is very common in France? If no, just have a look here:

Unusual lodgings and alternative accommodations

Unusual lodgings and alternative accommodations are totally booming at the moment. Rustic caravans, yurts, tree houses, fitted caves, former jails, renewed castles or chapels… Traveling is becoming so easy that travel agencies constantly find new crazy ideas to keep you in the mood. The best about these housings is that they are usually located far away from anything, which really makes you feel free and enjoy proper relaxing vacations. Our number one goes for bubble houses in northern countries where you can observe beautiful northern lights. Fairies and wonder and magic are already waiting for you there.

Grape picking in France

Here is a very original kind of vacations. France has truly a lot of interesting places to offer. If you are doing a desk job all over the year and feel that you miss a bit of physical exercise, why not going grape picking in France? Grape picking season is around September and October each year and creates a huge amount of seasonal jobs. If you just wanna try, we reckon that you start with the Champagne area. Picking usually lasts only 10 days there, as it can go up to a month in the region of Bordeaux. One thing you need to know though is that grape picking is a tough task and you need to be in good physical health if you want to manage.

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