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How to Write an Ebook and Make Money

One of the easiest methods for earning money and generate passive income is to write your own eBook. But  the biggest question is How to write an Ebook and make money? I’ll answer that in depth in this article.

The thought of creating your own eBook could seem quite frightening to many. There are numerous approaches to authoring, editing, publishing, and marketing an eBook that one can easily get lost in. We cover all the strategies and tools for you to create an eBook in the following steps.

How to Write an Ebook and Make Money

Essential Guide to Write an Ebook and Make Money

But first… Why even write an ebook anyway?

Earn Money

Making money is one of the key motivations for creating an eBook. Passive income, not just any cash. There is no greater income than one that quietly and automatically deposits into your bank account. For example, in order to earn money from your employment, you must consistently render a service in exchange for payment.

However, if you were to create an eBook, you would complete all the work in advance and put it on autopilot. In order to have little to do when the eBook is launched, you would spend some time producing it and putting tactics in place.

But it must be understood that creating and selling eBooks isn’t a “get rich quick” scheme. To make it successful, it needs time, perseverance, and the use of the appropriate tools and tactics.

Build your reputation

You can establish yourself as an authority in your field by writing an eBook. After all, creating an eBook needs understanding the subject matter. Making an eBook is undoubtedly an excellent idea if you’re a blogger or business owner looking to promote yourself and what you offer. 

Assist others, spread information

You may assist a large number of individuals by producing an eBook, which is one of the most satisfying aspects of the process. Your eBook might potentially be read by tens of thousands of people if it is successful. However, I believe you have succeeded even if your comments can just make a small difference in one life.

Leave behind a Legacy

One of the most priceless treasures bestowed upon us is the written word. After all, everything we as humans know was in some manner acquired from others whose knowledge was recorded on record and handed down down the generations. Your experience, opinions, and ideas will endure as your legacy if you write an eBook or a text in particular. That is invaluable by itself.


What is an eBook?

Everything is now electronic in our time. The list includes e-commerce, e-banking, e-tickets, e-gift cards, e-cigs, and more. Why? because everyone enjoys the concept of being able to use any gadget, almost anyplace. Given that, it should come as no surprise that we have begun revolutionizing almost everything we do.

Reading is one of the first leisure activities that comes to mind when I think of what originally started as a technique to make daily tasks easier. To make one of the world’s greatest pleasures even simpler, we launched eBooks.

To begin with, eBooks are documents that may be viewed on a computer, tablet, smartphone, or other digital device. A distinctive feature of an eBook is that the text shouldn’t be changeable. The format into which an eBook is converted should always guarantee that it cannot be edited. On digital devices, it might be accessed by thousands of people, who could then alter any data without the author’s consent. So, much like a physical book, text must remain unchangeable in order to be considered a true eBook.


How to write an eBook?

Finalize an Idea

Many people are aware that they want to create an eBook, but they are completely clueless as to how to come up with an eBook theme or subject.

Here are a few things to consider:

  1. Find a skill you excel at. If that is blogging, excellent! That implies that you have already written about a subject that you are very knowledgeable about.
  2. Fix a typical issue for your audience.
  3. Respond to common queries in your area of expertise
  4. Walk someone through a procedure to make it simpler. Step-by-step
  5. If you blog, establish a list of your most popular posts and analyze what themes they share. Then, build on those themes (or, in other words, go further with a previous post).
  6. Investigate what’s popular.

Let’s not deceive ourselves, though; just because we believe our eBook concept will be a New York Times best-seller, doesn’t imply it will be. How do we enhance the likelihood that it will be an eBook that readers will be involved in?

By conducting more research, you may validate your eBook idea by making sure that it would be of interest to your target audience.

Guide to Create an Ebook - Best Tools and Software

Starting the process

Consider first creating an eBook outline. Make a table of contents first. You will be able to do this and arrange your thoughts for simpler workflow and greater productivity. An eBook requires time to write. The most crucial aspect is being consistent. Make an effort daily to compose, or aim to write a certain number of words each day or each week. Many individuals who want to understand how to publish an eBook assume you have to use a particular type of expensive software. Conversely, the fact is that you may create a profitable eBook using any writing program or software.

A crucial phase in the creation of an eBook is book editing. Several methods exist for editing and proofreading books. You can distribute the manuscript to loved ones for editing. You may even give away the manuscript for free to a particular segment of your audience so they can revise it or proofread it. Ideally, you would employ every available choice. Keep in mind that your book will be sold to the general public and will reflect both you and your company. It’s never a Smart idea to sell an eBook with several grammatical and syntax problems.

Expert Recommendation: If you’re serious about writing mutliple ebooks for making money, consider investing the ultimate writing tool such as – Scrivener. It makes collecting ideas, research, outlining, editing and digital publishig easy. Sure, there is a learning curve to it, but it will be worth if for your eBook writing career.


eBook cover

Another stage of the eBook authoring process that individuals find difficult is the creation of the book’s cover. You have the option of creating it yourself or hiring a professional. A fantastic way to find graphic designers is on Fiverr.

You may also use Canva to make an easy-to-use eBook cover. With this free graphic design tool, you may make stunning graphics. For various graphic design projects, such as social media visuals, checklists, insignia, business cards, and much more, Canva offers hundreds of designs available.

It is crucial to notice that you check into the distribution rights for a photograph before using it on your eBook cover or anywhere else. Make sure you read the terms of service before using a free image from a website like Unsplash or Pixabay to guarantee that you have the legal right to use it. 

You can make stunning designs, including 3D ebook cover designs, with Adobe Photoshop. Although there is a slight learning curve with Photoshop, there are many YouTube lessons available to help you out. PSDCovers and Photoshop are both integrated, so you can make stunning eBook mockups.

Finally, Creative Market offers stunning, distinctive, and reasonably priced photographs that you may utilize to create your cover. Keep in mind to read the licensing specifications.


Pricing your eBook

The general idea is to base your book’s price on both the price at which other books in your field are selling and the channel you will be utilizing to sell your eBook (such as a blog, Amazon, etc.). For instance, you can price your eBook at $25 if you plan to sell it on your blog or website because that is what other eBooks in your industry are selling for. In a bid to compete with other eBooks in your industry or topic, you may be required to sell it on Amazon for $2.

You can also provide tiered pricing if you blog and plan to sell your eBook from your blog in order to make it more alluring. When there is a discount, many consumers are more likely to buy. Tiered pricing is an excellent technique as a result. Take into account your book’s length, genre, and how much other books in the same genre are selling for. You can sell your eBook through other publishers, or even on your own blog. You can also put it on sale on Amazon’s Kindle. 


Using your blog to sell your eBook

You’re in luck, my friend, if you’re a blogger. As a result, you will be able to use your blog as a platform for selling. You would be able to determine your own price on your blog and keep all revenues from eBook sales. A simple PDF version of your eBook will be enough for this task. You may also develop an affiliate scheme for your eBook. You can also Obtain email addresses for subsequent eBook marketing and products. You can pay others a commission when they sell your eBook using their special affiliate link by developing an affiliate marketing strategy for it.


How to choose the right publishing platform

If you don’t blog or just choose to sell your eBook in other ways, take into account the following. You would need to prepare your eBook appropriately depending on where you plan to sell it. eBook formatting is a common design procedure that creates a pleasing layout for users out of the content and graphics in your eBook. It’s similar to interior design and formatting for printed books, but it only considers your book in the digital environment. Formats include.doc,.pdf,.epud,.mobi, and more. 

The Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) program at Amazon is one of the most well-liked ways to publish an eBook. You can distribute your eBook to the Kindle Marketplace without charge using KDP. Your book is available on the Kindle marketplace for anyone with a device to read on their device. With this arrangement, as long as you keep your book’s price between $2.99 and $9.99, you get to retain 70% of the proceeds from each copy you sell. The best part is the fact that you’ll likely reach a greater audience as a result.

However, there are a few drawbacks to using Amazon KDP to sell your products. It limits your audience by publishing your eBook just to Kindle users. The price range for your eBook must be between $0.99 and $9.99 to receive a 70% profit, and it must be formatted particularly for Kindle readers (EPUB and MOBI). However, novels priced between $0.99 and $5 tend to perform the best. You cannot establish an affiliate program, manage the process (promotion, sale, or profit collection), or provide tier pricing incentives. You can attempt to format an eBook yourself using the tools that is available. You may also engage an expert to properly convert your eBook to .epub and .mobi files by making a payment.


Expert Tip: There are also multiple self-publishing aggregators that lets you publish on KDP, Google Books, Apple Books, Kobo and many other ebook services that makes it easier to centrally manage. The one we’ve used and recommend is Draft2Digital.

Promoting your eBook

Promoting your eBook requires ongoing effort. The process of promoting your eBook must continue both before and after it is released. Once more, if you blog, you may use your platform to publicize your eBook to excellent advantage.

Before self-publish your book you should:

  • Leverage your mailing list to inform people of your progress.
  • As you are creating your eBook, seek comments in Facebook groups.
  • Advertise the homepage for reserve list special pricing if you’re utilizing tiered pricing.
  • Before launching, create Pinterest pins to spread with Tailwind (if you have a waiting list)

During the launch process:

  • During launch week, develop an email chain to distribute to your audience.
  • Compose a social media post
  • To assist you spread the word, get in touch with some of your blogging pals in your niche.
  • Utilize Tailwind to spread your Pinterest pins.

After the launch process:

  • Keep occasionally marketing to your list
  • maintaining your social media promotion
  • Create blog entries referencing your book.
  • contributions to other blogs about the subject of your eBook
  • Offer a holiday-specific discount
  • Establish an affiliate program
  • Keep sharing your Pinterest pins

Social networking will be your best option for promoting your eBook if you aren’t a blogger and plan to sell it through a publishing platform.

Before launching the eBook

There are a few things you must do to prepare your eBook for publication in order to guarantee a successful launch. In addition to the strategies outlined above, there are other important things to do before launching your eBook. These include putting up a sales page and a shopping cart if you plan on selling your eBook via your blog. 


How to create a sales page

The primary perception a potential customer will make of your eBook will be from its sales page. Even if the content of your eBook is fantastic, if the sales page isn’t visually appealing, many readers might decide against purchasing it. Unfortunately, visitors will literally “judge the book by its cover” when it comes to sales sites and landing pages. Again, there are many experts that are more than happy to work with you to design a sales page for your eBook in exchange for payment. A wonderful location to locate someone to do it for you is on Fiverr. A straightforward page on your blog can be designated as your sales page in order to build a sales page. 

A “sales page/landing page” template is included with many child themes, which makes some landing page elements possible. The very next task is to add a payment method so that money can be collected after the landing page has been completed. It is crucial to have a system in place that can accept payments and provide your customers their digital copies simultaneously since you’ll be providing a digital product.

SendOwl is the platform that many bloggers use. I can’t emphasize enough how simple and handy this platform is. SendOwl will send the eBook (up to 10 goods) and take payment for as little as $9 a month. SendOwl enables you to additionally establish and administer your own affiliate network for only a little bit extra.

The majority of email marketing businesses, including ConvertKit, seamlessly connect SendOwl. You can program it to tag the consumer for upcoming targeted email marketing after they buy a copy of your eBook through SendOwl. Additionally, you can design a ConvertKit email chain that will be sent to your eBook clients over the course of your choosing schedule. To demonstrate the Blogcabulary Plus, SendOwl, and ConvertKit procedure, here it is:

Once your affiliate program has been created using SendOwl, they will assign you a unique link so that people may sign up for it. When they do, users will receive a special URL to track all upcoming sales. Additionally, a free PayPal Business Account can be made. Once SendOwl is integrated, all sales of your eBook will be instantly transferred to your PayPal account. By selecting the “Mass Pay” option, you can easily pay your affiliates via PayPal as well. You can upload an affiliate payout via PayPal Mass Pay. Each month, SendOwl provides a csv file, and PayPal pays the bulk payment on your behalf. You could also decide to pay each person separately. If you decide to update your eBook, SendOwl offers you the convenience of uploading the updated version and sending it immediately on your behalf to all of your current consumers.


Launching your eBook

Seeing how an idea developed into a finished product and an endless source of passive revenue is such a wonderful experience. You understand exactly what I mean if you have ever launched a product. Get prepared to experience the excitement if you haven’t already. Make sure your sales page and payment buttons are operational on the launch day. You’d be shocked at how many things could unexpectedly go amiss in the electronic era. During launch week, you ought to have prepared an email sequence to send to your list.

You must use social media to promote your launch, posting on Facebook, using Tailwind to share Pinterest pins, tweeting about it, posting on Instagram, as well as using Instagram stories. 

Don’t hesitate to get the assistance of any trustworthy bloggers who can assist you in making an announcement. Because of the same, networking is crucial in the world of blogging. You now possess a property that will generate passive income for you throughout the years.

From this point on, your only real options are to create, use, and repeat the marketing methods you’ve picked up along the road. Simply concentrate and practice the techniques we encased in the preceding sections for many of these.

Another awesome feature is that once you’ve completed the entire process of creating an eBook, you can create several more eBooks without encountering the difficulties that newbies face.