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Here’s How To Use Strikethrough in Excel Toolbar

Learn how to add strikethrough to text and numbers in Excel.

The strikethrough is a classic formatting technique that resembles crossed-out text, thus it stands to reason that you should be able to strike through text and numbers in Excel. Yes, you can, though it may not be immediately clear because there is no strikethrough tool among the formatting options in the ribbon. Don’t let that stop you; here’s how to strike through any text or numbers in Excel.

Excel is a powerful application for crunching figures and this accounting software needs a powerful laptop to process large files. One of its commonly used features is strikethrough, and hard to find in UI. We are confident that you may have hastily looked through the Excel ribbon for the strikethrough function but, to your dismay, were unable to locate it.

This quick lesson will show you how to add, use, and remove the strikethrough format on Excel desktop, Excel Online, and Excel for Mac. Excel is fantastic at handling numbers, but it does not always make it plain how to format text values correctly. Strikethrough is an excellent example.

Here is a guide on how to use strikethrough in Excel:

How to add Strikethrough in Excel

how to add strikethrough

Let’s define the concept first so that everyone is on the same page. What does the term “strikethrough” in Excel mean? Simply draw a line through a cell’s value. There are several options, and we’ll start with the quickest.

Excel shortcut for striking through:

  • Do you want to get the job done as soon as possible? Use a hotkey or a key combination to get started.
  • In Excel, the keyboard shortcut for striking through is: Ctrl + 5
  • The shortcut can be applied to a single cell, a subset of a cell’s contents, or a range of cells.
  • Choose a cell and use the shortcut to apply the strikethrough format to it.

Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are best when using spreadsheets for businesses for higher productivity.

Ctrl+5 is the keyboard shortcut for applying strikethrough in Excel. It can be used on a single cell, a subset of a single cell, or a group of cells. Even numerous non-adjacent cells can be chosen by holding down the Ctrl button while clicking them. Simply press Ctrl + 5 on the keyboard once the necessary cells have been selected. A single line will be used to strike out all of the cells you’ve chosen.

Format options

Strikethrough can still be applied quickly using the Excel Format settings. Choose which cells, portions of cells, or ranges of cells you want to delete. Select with the right mouse button, then select Format Cells from the menu. As an alternative, you can use Ctrl+1. Check the box next to the Strikethrough option in the Font section of the Format options dialogue box. Finally, press OK.

VBA on Multiple sheets

The cells of a single sheet are applicable to all of the techniques we have reviewed. You might need to knock off too many cells at once in some circumstances.

What if you need to strikethrough a number of cells that are spread out across several sheets? Don’t worry; VBA codes will save the day. Holding down the Ctrl button allows you to first select the cells you want to strikethrough on multiple sheets. Run the subsequent VBA code by pressing Alt + F11 in the VBA editor. 

add strikethrough in excel

Quick access toolbar

Additionally, you can include a shortcut button for text strikethrough in the fast access toolbar. Select “More Commands” from the drop-down menu in the Quick Access toolbar. Locate the strikethrough option under the commands Not in the Ribbon section of the Customize Quick Access toolbar menu, then click the Add button. Select OK.

For your convenience, the Strikethrough option will now always be available in the quick access toolbar.

Excel ribbon

If utilizing the Quick Access Toolbar does not come naturally to you, you can add strikethrough shortcut to the Excel Ribbon. Right-click anywhere on the ribbon where your cursor is. The customize Ribbon option will appear in the right-click menu. Click on any of the target tabs on the right side of the Customize Ribbon menu to create a new group and give it a suitable name. Choose the newly formed group.

The Strikethrough option may be found in the commands Not on the Ribbon part of the list on the left. This will add a certain group’s unique strikethrough option to the Home tab.

Use it whenever you wish to format your cells with a strikethrough. In Excel, use the Font section to add a strikethrough. This method will destroy the entire contents of chosen cells.

  1. Choose the cell (or group of cells) to strikethrough.
  2. At the top-right corner of the screen, click the Home tab.
  3. Under the Font section, click the Font Settings option (the small arrow at the bottom right).
  4. In the Format Cells dialog box, check the Strikethrough option and then click OK.

For Mac users

Using the keyboard shortcut Command + Shift + X, you may quickly add a strikethrough to selected cells on a Mac.

You can also utilize the same procedures as the Format option technique.


1. What is the keyboard shortcut for strikethrough in Excel?

To use strikethrough in Excel, the keyboard shortcut is Ctrl + 5. It can be applied to a single cell, a subset of the contents of a cell, or a group of cells.

2. How can I apply strikethrough formatting using the Excel toolbar?

You can apply strikethrough formatting by selecting the cell(s), going to the Home tab, clicking on the “Font” group, and selecting the “Strikethrough” option.

3. Can I use strikethrough formatting in the Mac version of Excel?

Yes, on a Mac, you can use the Command + Shift + X shortcut to apply strikethrough formatting to Excel.

4. Is it possible to create a custom shortcut for strikethrough in Excel?

Although Excel does not allow direct custom shortcuts, you can use VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) to create a macro that uses strikethrough, and then assign a custom shortcut to that macro


Even while this important formatting feature isn’t directly accessible from the ribbon, it can still be used in a variety of ways. There is a choice for you whether you use the mouse or the keyboard.