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12+ Best FontAwesome Alternatives

Best FontAwesome Alternatives: Explore versatile icon fonts that offer scalability and style, enhancing your web UI/UX design projects with ease.

Recent years have seen a massive increase in the use of icon typefaces, and for good cause. Compared to raster pictures, they scale incredibly well and get bigger while maintaining higher quality. Additionally, you may easily use CSS to modify the font icon’s color and size because it effectively functions as text.

Those of you who enjoy typeface icons know the many benefits they offer. First, they operate amazingly and look fantastic, even on displays with many pixels. Another great feature of these fonts is that you can quickly alter the size of the icon fonts without using Photoshop or any other software.

Best FontAwesome Alternatives

It is also important to remember that font icons can employ any CSS effects appropriate for fonts, such as text shadows. They are also incredibly effective and efficient. In a similar vein, they may assist you in avoiding the development of sprites so that you can effortlessly place a variety of sized pictures, saving you a tonne of time and work.

One such library is called FontAwesome. And for the most part, it’s great. You may use thousands of icons there anywhere, and most of them are free to use. Selecting the suitable class names and applying them to any inline HTML element, such as a span> or i>, is required to create an icon.

Your designs can all look the same if you use the same collection of icons throughout! Given these benefits of icon fonts, we are confident that you will be eager to create some on your own. For your convenience, we provide you with the top 12+ free FontAwesome icon font replacements in this post.


A great FontAwesome alternative is LineIcons. It provides developers and designers access to more than 2000 icons, 500 of which are free. These icons have been meticulously created for usage in a variety of contemporary user interfaces for Android, iOS, Web, and desktop applications.

It wouldn’t be inaccurate to argue that this font icon collection is the most complete but most streamlined one currently accessible online. Additionally, this bundle is entirely original and may be used for various tasks, including editing and disseminating your products. You also receive future upgrades for free!

FontAwesome Alternative


Another top-notch collection of typeface icons is The Noun Project. There are icons in this collection for just about anything. This icon collection, produced by a community with a wide range of cultural backgrounds, has more than 2 million carefully selected icons.

You can obtain all of these icons for your workflow, and they are all free of royalties. Additionally, it gives you the option to suit your favorite icons perfectly. The most diversified selection ever makes this icon set the finest. As a result, you may select one based on your requirements and preferences.

TheNounProject - Fonts for Web UI


Developers and designers may download icons in the color, size, and format they need for a particular project utilizing Material Design Icons, which also boasts of a growing library of icons for developers and designers. Designers may easily start and select from a wide variety of typeface icons thanks to Material Design Icons. There are more than 4000 typeface icons included in this bundle, so there is something for everyone.


We definitely can’t list the best 12 font substitutes without include Flat Icon. You get access to a staggering 2,368,000 vector icons for your projects using Flat Icon. It is without a doubt the largest database for free font icons. Additionally, it is accessible in the SVG, PNG, PSD, EPS, and BASE 64 formats. Costume Party, Rage Room, Black Friday, Responsive Design, Knowledge, and World Cancer Awareness Day are a few of the greatest packs this month on Flat Icon. Additionally, you may utilize the Icon Editor to change your preferred icons anyway you like.


Another excellent collection of typeface icons is Icon Finder. You may browse through more than 3,926,985 SVG icons for Facebook, computers, and many other things using this platform. The three plans available on the platform are Micro, Starter, and Unlimited. Ten downloads per month are included in the $9/month Micro plan, and any unused downloads are rolled over to the next month.

For $19 a month, the Starter plan provides 50 downloads each month along with a roll-over of any unused downloads. Last but not least, the limitless plan, which costs $49 a month and offers limitless downloads each month, does not require a roll-over. Additionally, Starter may be used by up to 5 users and the Unlimited plan by up to 25 members, whilst Micro is a single-user plan.


An outstanding collection of stunning typeface icons called Feather Icons is available. These open-source icons are easily editable in terms of size, color, and stroke width. Additionally, you may quickly locate about 300 free open source font icons. With these font icons, getting started is really simple, and designers and developers may utilize it for many different projects with ease.


You may quickly download over 30,000 PNG icons and search for more than 30,000 vector icons with Streamline 3.0. The biggest icon set in the world, Streamline, has three different weights. Additionally, there are a tonne of free icons available in this edition, spread among 720 subcategories and 53 main categories. Additionally, Streamline 3.0 makes it incredibly simple to locate the appropriate icon in a couple of seconds. It is also incredibly user-friendly.


Linearicons are extremely sharp, high-integrity line icons. Expect a lot of diversity, a 14-day return period, and 1001 vector icons. Line icons of 20px and 40px are available in the Linear Icons icon set. These typeface icons come in a broad range of options. It is also interesting because they were all painstakingly created by hand for designers and developers using a 2020 pixel grid.

Each line icon has been created to coordinate with the other icons in the collection. Additionally, the icons are available in a wide range of vector and raster file formats, including SVG, PNG, EPS, CSH, PSD, and many others.


For all of your projects, Unicons provides more than 1,000 pixel-perfect vector and Icon font icons. You may narrow down the search results to get what you’re searching for by choosing from various categories. By just adding a few lines of code, you may start using icons as typefaces and embed them quickly on your website. Additionally, there are a tonne of ways you may employ Unicons, and the Icondrop plugin enables you to have quicker access to a variety of tools so that your projects can be completed without delay.


And how can Nucleo be left out while discussing the finest FontAwesome alternatives? Nucleo is a library of 28502 icons that is really gorgeous. Additionally, it includes a strong application that was created to easily gather, customize, and export all of your icons. For the smooth execution of your projects, you may pick your favorite or preferred icons from a broad range of categories. The fact that this software is perfect for all types of designers and developers is also important to notice.

Twemoji Awesome

An open-source emoticon project from Twitter is called Twemoji. Twemoji Awesome is a typeface icon that Elle Kasai has converted it to. The Twemoji Cheat Sheet applies to all class names that show the icons, however you must use a dash in place of an underscore. Just that.

An illustration of how to add the hatching_chick symbol is shown below:

<i class=”twa twa-lg twa-hatching-chick”></i>

CoreUI Icons

Another popular product among designers is COREUI Icons. This premium icon collection is free and includes graphics in the Webfont, Raster, and SVG formats. They are simply exquisitely designed symbols representing everyday objects and behaviors. Designers and developers may use these typeface icons to create digital goods for mobile and web apps. As an added convenience, you may select your preferred icons from various categories.

Font Diao

A collection of font icons from well-known Chinese websites and businesses, including Alibaba, Alipay, WeChat, Xiaomi, and Weibo, is available at Font Diao. When creating websites for Chinese mainland users, who are probably familiar with this particular typeface, the font may be useful.


Line Awesome comes last but certainly not least since we saved the finest for last. One of the greatest on our list, this FontAwesome substitute can elevate your project from the start. With this program, you can replace font unique with contemporary line icons with just one line of code. Additionally, to simplify surfing, you may select from a large variety of categories including Accessibility, Alert, Arrows, Beverage, and many more.


These top 12 font fantastic alternatives are clearly the greatest; you may select any of them to suit your unique needs. To learn more about each of their unique qualities and features, visit their website. Especially if you’re using particular theme builders in WordPress Like Elementor or Shopify Themes, the support for these custom Icons is in-built, for newer CMS platforms however, you must check compatibility or hire a freelancer to integrate third-party icons like FontAwesom.

Additionally, we did much study before creating this assortment of font icons. As a result, all of these fantastic font variations are perfect. What are you still holding out for? Good luck, and get started right now on that website or web app project!

I hope you can select the most suitable FontAwesome Alternatives for your design projects from our recommendations listed above. Feel free to share your favourites in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)– Best FontAwesome Alternatives

1. Can Font Awesome be used offline?

Visit the official Font Awesome website to obtain the free zip file, then unzip it and connect it to your page.

You would need to manually download the icons to your own computer in order to utilize fonts that are amazing offline. The necessary files should be available on the FontAwesome website.

2. Is FontAwesome 4 Free?

Yes. It’s 100% Free to use.