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Questions To Ask A Social Media Management Firm

Social media management is something that has gained lots of popularity in recent years. This is for a few reasons, mainly the fact that there’s a high demand in our online driven world, and the fact that the potential rewards for successful social media management.

Here are some important questions to ask a potential social media manager such as Blue Hat Marketing.

What does success look like to you?

A good social media manager shouldn’t look onto to stats like number of Twitter followers as an indicator of a successful management campaign. A good manager should be able to give you a detailed outline of how his version of success goes beyond audience numbers to include sophisticated strategic solutions.

What kind of results can we expect?

Another mark of a good social media manager is that they will know how to manage your expectations. They will let you know realistically the kind of results you could see from using their services. If they can’t articulate for you the kind of results they have gotten in the past and how they can do the same for you, they probably don’t have the experience you need.

What social media platforms do you specialize in? Which would you choose to maximize for our business? Why would you make those decisions?

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Not every social network is the best fit for every business, or even for every industry. Also, there are limitations to every social platform. A good social media manager will know these limitations and will be able to tell you which platforms they believe will work for your business.

Have you ever run into a crisis with your social marketing clients? How did you overcome that problem?

Being able to know when a plan isn’t working and being able to switch gears is absolutely imperative when it comes to being a good social media marketing firm. The company’s answer to this question will be very telling. If they say no, they’ve never had a crisis, or that their biggest crisis was a broken link, they probably don’t have the depth of experience that you’ll want in your social media marketing firm. If they can give you a variety of issues that have cropped up and are able to tell you how they overcame those issues to continue to provide successful services to their clients, that’s a very good sign that they know their stuff and they can roll with the punches.

Can you provide me with some references from recent clients?

Any company worth its salt will be able and willing to give you references for you to contact.



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