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How To Get An Extra Storage Of 4.5 GB on Your Dropbox !

If you are looking for extra space on your Dropbox, then there is good news for you as experts have figure out the way to get an extra 4.5 GB on Dropbox. Well if you are not aware about the dropbox, then let me tell you bit about it-

Dropbox is a popular file sharing service and recently they are out with the beta version which allows the users to automatically upload their snaps to their Dropbox accounts.

Dropbox Cloud Storage

At the instance, dropbox is giving a fabulous opportunity to the beta tester by giving them the chance to earn an extra 4.5 GB of additional space on their Dropbox account. Following is the brief rundown of how you can earn the additional space.

  • For getting the additional space, you first need to download and install the latest beta version from this link. Post to his, you need to create a backup of your Dropbox folder which you can do it just by creating the archive or the Zip file of your folder.
UPDATE: They have closed this build for download and made available a newer build at this link which you can use with OSX As well !
  • After installing the downloaded beta version, you now have to import your snaps to your dropbox account. Once you attach the compatible device to your system, the dropbox will automatically start importing the photos to your dropbox account.
  • The concept is quite simple, for every 500 MB of snaps you upload; you will earn additional 500 MB in your account and thus reaching to the extra amount of space which counts 4.5 GB.

Isn’t that so easy, but I would also like to reveal some of the crucial caveats which you should know. The photo import features is right now only available to Window users and they are not accessible on Mac 10.4 or on Linux.

But for sure it gonna be available soon on other OS also, as the popularity of Dropbox is improving constantly !