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Tata Nano’s Booking is Rocking all Over India

Dream car of common man, Nano is making record breaking bookings just in 5-6 days after its official launch.

Tata Nano is available in number of variants ranging from Rs. 96000 to 1,40,000. They have sold almost 51000 forms (According to Economic Times, India) across the country for booking of Nano. Each form costs Rs. 350, was sold to consumers who are interested in buying Nano.

Tata has planned for almost 50,000 units production this year, but this 51,000 bookings in 6 days has made them think for more plants for Nano, so that they can fulfill consumer needs.

The low cost Nano is available in 3 colors where as the one with high cost has three more colors. The form have included some terms and conditions that can be annoying for customers. Like because of its production factors it is not available in the color you want it. You have to buy it in any color it comes with. As they have to produce large number of units this year, this option is accepted by consumers with no arguments.

Again if you cancel the booking you have to pay fine of almost Rs.3000. They have earned in crores just by selling the forms according to the news. Tata is trying to prevent all the ways of black marketing of Nano, allowing only one car per person as per their terms and conditions.

So, all in all- The Tata Nano is a big hit in all states of India, overwhelming response is booking by consumers has shown their faith in technology of Tata. Will Tata motors start other production units to accomplish the consumer’s requirement or how they handle this large response is next thing to look for.



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