July 2011 Monthly Traffic Report – Digital Conqurer

As we have started the trend from last month of getting to know each other more, Here I come again with the  July monthly traffic report based on statistics from Google Analytics.

Just to let you know that we have grown our page views & visitors involvement by immense quantity this month & overall bounce rate for site is well balanced.

We posted Android reviews, absolutely unique USB Modem Tricks & Some general gadget news more in this month July & I hope you would like them all.

We are making our blog more smartphones & tweaks oriented day by day & in this effort I am personally getting into basics about Apple devices like – iPad, iPhone & Mac. Also getting into some development articles related to iOS, Mac OS X & many Apps.

Also our lead writer Zubin will be presenting some great tips & tutorial regarding Linux OSes like Fedora, Ubuntu & more, So keep reading our blog & don’t forget to Subsribe to us by Email.

Hope you’ll like this change & let us know if you want to see any specific article or trick on our blog. Even if you have some small problems let us know by email at – amol@hackersenigma.com

Here comes the traffic report of Jule 2011 for our Techology News & Reviews Blog.

Digital Conqurer- July Traffic Report
Unique Visitors – 62590

Pageviews – 166,496

2.66 Pages/ visit

Bouce Rate – 26%

Avg. Time on Site -3.0 Minutes

Traffic Sources

Stay subscribes & updated with us. Pleasedon’t hesitate to send us your opinions, comments & suggestions for DigitalConqurer.com

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