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How Numerous Electric Flow Control Valves Are Used?

The pressure regulators have different functionalities, and these are installed according to their certain roles in a system. The flow control valves are critical in controlling the flow and concentration of liquids. The air flow control valves are specially designed to control the diffusion of gases in a chemical reaction. For automatic control of liquid, the electronic flow valve is typical. You only have to set the limit of certain liquids and the flow would be maintained automatically. The digital flow control valve is remotely controlled and changes the concentration via a WiFi device. Every electric flow control valves are specific for a certain purpose, and you installed them according to their utilization. For controlling the high pressure of the liquid, you need the high-pressure flow control valve as it can control the high density of liquids.

Roles of Electric Flow Control Valves:

The pressure regulators are used to lower the inlet and outlet flow of liquid and gases.

Pressure Control

The most prominent role of the flow control valves is to control the pressure of the liquid. The desired level of pressure is necessary for the production process. If there is any fluctuation in the inlet or outlet pressure, then you can’t produce the desired product or can quality can be compromised. You need to understand without maintaining the desired level of pressure, it is impossible to produce the desired quality. The flow control valves are used to maintain the level of flow of the chemical in the reaction chamber without compromising the quality. The flow of liquid is specfic for caertain chemical reaction. It changes according to the molar concentration of the chemicals.

Proportional of Gases

The proportionality of gases is essential to maintain as these are more reactive as compared to liquids. You need to calibrate the pressure control of gases and the flow control valves to ensure it. If the gases are not mixed in a certain proportionality, then you can’t achieve the quality of the production process. The inert gases do react when you ensure a certain proportionality of the gases. The pressure regulator ensures the specific molar concentration of the gases in the chemical reactions. When you need to increase the concentration of certain gas, you can use the remotely controlled digital valves. The roles of the pressure valves are specific and you need to install them matching to their structure. For gases and liquids, there are different pressure valves and their manufacturing structure is different from each other.


The electric flow control valves are specific in their functionality, you have to install them according to their certain functionality. For example, to control the flow of liquid and gases, you need to use altogether different pressure valves. If you are not installing them according to their specific functionality, then you would certainly be compromising the quality of the product and the services.