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Truvison 32 Inch LED TV Review (TW3263): Basics Perfected!

[paragraph]In the fast-growing technology of LED TVs from HD to 4K and higher resolutions already launched in western markets, having the basic 1080P Full HD TV makes perfect sense, considering the HD television and streaming content already available.

Today, we are going to review a 32-inch LED TV  by Truvison, a Europe based consumer electronics and appliances company with fast-growing user base across the world. [/paragraph]

UPDATE 05/12/2017: Buy Truvison at Best Price on Amazon!

Truvison 32-inch LED TV Review (TW3263)

The box I received was very lightweight just like what I have experienced with many budget LED TV makers, and it came with User manuals, Remote, 2 AAA Batteries, Wall Mount and Glossy-Black Table Stand.

Truvison 32-Inch LED TV Review

Apart for comparatively thicker bezel on the bottom, all three sides of Truvison TW3263 have the slim bezel. The thicker bottom bezel hosts the Truvison logo at the center and Blue/Red LED indicator light, which sometimes is too bright if you decide to watch movies in the dark room.

It is a general Indian mindset that heavy things are high-quality, and I am not sure how much it’s true or not, but I can definitely tell you what my personal experience was using this TV for past 3 weeks.


The display has a semi-matte finish and sufficiently bright even at medium settings. This is especially useful if your living room is brightly lit. Truvison 32-inch LED TV is very well suitable for the distance of 10-12 feet or even doable at 14. Watching full HD movies on Amazon Prime and general TV experience is very good. Truvision 32-inch LED TV

Compared to all budget TVs I have tested from VU and Noble Skiodo, the viewing angles are exceptionally great on this 32-inch LED display. The color reproduction is sharp, and sometimes the display looks too bright. You have default settings like Standard, Mild, Dynamic etc., But I preferred it using on custom user settings where I could tweak brightness contrast and sharpness of the picture quality.

Viewing Angles of Truvison TW3263

Most of my 3 weeks I spent playing Paladins Beta, multiplayer game on my PS4, and I enjoyed the colorful and vibrant visuals of the game at 60 FPS. Notably, I played for more than 4-5 hours on weekends, and overall experience was pleasing to my eyes. Often playing games gets eyes strain as we concentrate more compared to watching HD TV Shows, but it was not the case with this Truvison 32-inch LED TV.

Connectivity Ports

Most important thing that matters to me after the display quality is what kind of connectivity ports the TV offers. I prefer LED TVs with at least 2 HDMI ports as it let me connect my HD DTH set top box as well as my PS4 or HTPC at the same time. If you have a set of gadgets like Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV Stick or Xbox, Truvison TW3263 has an excellent number of ports selection for you.

The ports on the bottom include two HDMI Ports, Mini AV Out, Speaker Out (R+L), VGA, PC Audio & Old school RF-in Port for cable TVs. On the left side of the TV you have two AV (RGB) port sets, two USB ports and on the right side, you have the volume, channels and power buttons.

The right-hand hand side AV set is easy to access and back-bottom side ports are easy as well if you have wall-mounted this LED TV. But like me, if you have set it up on the table, you should connect the HDMI cables before you place the TV.


Sound Quality

Like most HD LED TVs we have tested the volume on the sound always feels shallow when compared to the big screen, which I do not consider as a downside, as most of us use at least a 2.1 system with HDTVs. Overall the sound is audible enough for the 12×12 living room, but for the quality, you have to rely on an external set of the sound system.


The quality of remote is pretty solid and made out of hard plastic. It nearly resembles to remote of Samsung HDTV I owned for past few years, and it’s handy to use. The set comes with 2 AAA batteries that go into the remote control, and it works just perfect.

Just like Picture Modes (P.Modes), you get the Sound Modes (S. Modes) quick access keys on remote along with media playback dedicated keys. Most important Source button lets you select from available inputs like HDMI, AV, USB ports etc.

The media console has a nice java based interface that is handy to browse between the HD movies, photos or music of your choice. I felt a minute lag when opening Full HD movie scenes, so I believe the internals are little weak but acceptable for a basic HDTV.


It’s not a smart TV but you can always get a chrome cast or Amazon Fire TV Stick to get all the smart features you can imagine. If you’re looking for native smart TV or high-end 4K experience, Truvison has recently announced this TS55101 55-inch Ultra HD TV.

Even though Truvison is a new name for Indian consumers, this 32-inch HD LED TV has all the basics perfected. I still can not find good branded TVs with two USB & HDMI ports at the price range these new brands offer. A great display with Ultra-Slim bezel,  Dynamic Contrast Ratio of 300000:1 and technologies like SRS, Intelligent Sensor & Energy Saving, Truvison TW3263 is a perfect package at an excellent price tag of Rs.18,490. I will definitely recommend this LED TV is a fabulous option for streaming, watching TV and for casual gaming.

 UPDATE 05/12/2017: Now available for lowest price of Rs.15,700 on Amazon



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  1. Your review is totally wrong. Truvison company sucks. I ordered a Truvison TV through Tata Cliq on 27/09/2018. After repeated reminders the product was delivered on 08/10/2018. As instructed, I did not open the box till the company technician arrived on 12/10/2018. I was horrified to find that there was no remote kit included (so was unable to use the TV), no information manual and it was a USED PIECE !!!. The technician informed the company in my presence and i forwarded the photos to substantiate my claim to Tata Cliq and to Truvison. The company refused to replace the product with a new piece as the prices had by then gone up. I have the photos with me to substantiate my claim and can forward it to whosoever wishes. Avoid this fraud company like the plague.