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LG 32 Inches Full HD LCD 32LK450 Television Review, Features & Price

LG 32LK450 is full high definition television-HDTV which composed to performance and impressive viewing experience. It offers intelligent sensor which automatically adjust the picture quality as per the luminance in the room. It also optimizes the picture quality without much of the intervention from user.


LG 32LK450 FullHD LCD TV HDTV Review, Features

Glimpse of The LG 32 Inches Full HD LCD 32LK450’s Features:

  • It offers Full HD Support
  • Having display of 32 inch LCD
  • 100000:1 Dynamic Ratio
  • XD Picture Engine
  • 3 HDMI Ports (1 Side and 2 Rear)

Review of LG 32 Inches Full HD LCD 32LK450 TV


LG 32LK450 is amplified to offer full HDTV as it comes with simplink feature which let the user to connect other compatible devices through HDMI cable. It offers interlinked gadgets which are easily controllable by single remote and also reduces the effort and load to operate on multi-disciplinary remotes.

Power constraints

To start the operation LG 32LK450 needs the power supply of AC 100 – 240 V, 50 / 60 Hz and the operational mode for this HDTV set is 120W. In the standby mode it only consumes 0.3W and saves the power and also your heavy electricity bills.

In terms of Design

It sports the 32 inches display which offers the resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The display embedded in this HDTV is surrounded by black bezel and glossy which makes it look sleeker. The bottom bezel composed of the logo and a soft touch keys on the right.

Form factor

LG 32LK450 is a HDTV having dimensions of 795 x 568 x 207 mm and it weigh 9.2KG.

Video and Audio aspects:

LG 32LK450 delivers the enhanced picture quality with fabulous background score. It runs on XD Engine which makes it capable of delivering the 3 modes of color Gamut control and also the dynamic contrast ratio of 100000:1, which means you will see true vibrant colors.

CCFL technology is embedded in this HDTV which enhances the backlighting effect. Along with this LG 32LK450 is also loaded with picture wizard II which explains you the step by step adjustments and various other settings.

If we talk about the audio system then it compose of 2 built in speaker and output the sound of 20W. It uses Dolby Digital technology for sound processing and also augments the sound quality which is output on the TV speakers.

In terms of Features and Connectivity

You will find the connectivity ports housed on the rear and the sides of TV set. It composed of headphone jack and USB port. The rear panel is neat and only composes of the room for digital audio out, RGB in, PC audio in, Antenna in and RS-232C ports.

There is also 3 HDMI, 2 are in rear and 1 is on the side, these enables users to transfer HD content to your TV. It supports DivX HD format and thus allows you to watch HD videos and images simply by plugging in the supporting devices on the USB 2.0 port.

Other feature includes On-Off timer, Child lock, Sleep timer and Game mode.

What Users Say About LG 32 Inches Full HD LCD 32LK450 TV

Majority of users have find LG 32LK450 as a fantastic value for money and also claimed to have quality of display along with easy to use interface. They are impressed by the functionality and user experience offered in LG 32LK450 along with HD.

Price & Verdict

An average rates comes out to be 4.5 out of 5 which is exceptional and hence our vote also goes to LG 32LK450. In just Rs. 26420 it is among the best HTDV which is in the market today.

Our Ratings – 4.5/5 (Worth Buy!)