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How To Avoid Reflection On Your HDTV / LCD TV

You might also be among the people, who do not like to watch TV in the dark. But this give rise to a very common problem and that is reflection on the Flat panel TV. Even if you have the LCD with HD quality, the problem of light bouncing will surely diminish the picture quality. These days TV panels have glossy screen which actually reflects the light falling on the flat screen.   To deal with this issues, in the due course you will get to know about the non conventional tips and tricks to get rid of with the reflection on your HTDV.

The easiest way:

Well the easiest way to deal with this issue is to turn off the light, but there are reasons for people to leave the light on while watching the TV. You might have heard about the problem of eye fatigue which means feeling or soreness in the eyes. Majority of people feel this problem while watching TV in the dark and hence this is not most appropriate solution to the problem of reflection but it is the most convenient and easy way to get rid off with the issue. Concept is simple; no light, no reflection.

On the other hand, if you have LCD TV; your challenge is resolved. Most of the LCD based TV panels have the provision of backlight control. There you will see the option to minimize the brightness during nights and you will get more relaxing image with better black level.

Sit closer

Another option is to watch the TV from close range, but this will also cause eye fatigue.

Problem in the day light

Watching TV especially during days is much bigger challenge than watching in the dark. During the day time, reflection due to sun light is the kind of problem on which you cannot compete with sun.

Blackout in the house

The most convenient and easy solution to this issue is to pick out some dark curtains, they even look nice and also solve your problem quite easily.

HDTV Reflection IssueUsing sun shades

Of course you cannot fight with sun, but you can make use of Motorized sun screens to get rid of the light coming inside your TV room. You can put exterior or interior sun shade to get a bit darker environment with less direct light.

Moving TV or other stuff

Moving TV is not the solution usually preferred by people, there in fact plenty of other options which can help you to watch TV without reflection. Placing lamp behind the TV will increase the ambient light in the room and will cause less reflection.

Another option is to mount the TV set on the wall, this will work out well and there will not be any more reflection issue on some weight. But do remember to adjust the axis of pivot; if the adjusting will not be right, picture quality will suffer.

Remote controls

You might have heard about the automatic lighting control in the room, although this might cost to your pocket but can enable you to watch the TV without any reflection.

So, these were the few non conventional methods to get rid off with the reflection on the HDTV, please do share your view on this post and share the methods you ever have opt to get rid off this issue.



2 Responses

  1. you forget to mention the anti-glare screen guards available out there in market.. they are the very much most useful accessory for this.. I am using one with my iTouch, Netbook and Bravia and its worth using it..!!

    1. It does come for HDTV, That’s really cool !
      (I was not sure if it is available for HDTV’s too, so I did not included it in the list)