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Digital Television Services Vs On-Demand Entertainment!

As most of the countries around the world are phasing out Cable TVs and replacing it with Digital  TV services, There is industry that is going in parallel direction – On-Demand Entertainment!

No matter you get Digital TV services through Satellite or from your broadband provider as IPTV, They are not offering as flexible plans as On-Demand TV. There are few exceptional packages that offers best of both worlds like this Virgin Media TV package, but rest of Digital Services are either not offering simultaneous TV recording or they are too expensive.

Even though on-demand entertainment services like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime Bigflix are having comparatively inexpensive pricing than most premium Digital TV plans, there is huge drawback of bandwidth with them. Like in developing counties India, 512KBPS is mostly the average speed consumers surfs with, which is highly incapable of streaming TV Shows or movies in HD.

If we have to discuss advantages of Digital TVs – They are constantly streaming content to your TV via satellite, there are huge number channels available, HD channels are increasing almost every month, And almost all big players are now offering recording as well, which comes pretty handy for those who are busy most of the times.


So basically, the recording feature is making available the flexibility to control satellite TV and customize your viewing, which is very competitive to On Demand services.

On the other hand, On Demand Services like Hulu and Netflix are making available international TV shows, animation shows, movies, exclusive trailers and almost everything at lower cost. So you get a lot of extra content and luxury of watching it when you want, without downloading or recording anything.

So both TV services have their pros and cons, and that is why small percentage of people are opting for both, which is a rare trend to follow but is effective but  not a budget friendly option for average audience.

As home entertainment systems are getting bigger and better every day, and all the top digital television service providers are wiling to offer you the versatile content from across the world, what you trust the most? And why? – Do let us know in following comments section!