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Current State Of Online Freedom In India

Planning vacation or business trip to India and want safe environment to browse the Internet, anonymity and great speed? Privacy are of great demand when it comes to work related trips or own personal security. India is notorious for total online censorship and bans various websites for visiting. Few hundred websites have been blocked form public access and those users, who visit these sites, are facing prosecution and financial responsibility.

In order to avoid all these problems it is wiser addressing a VPN service and make sure your online activity stays in secret. User’s IP address will be hidden, therefore , online anonymity is guaranteed. Trustworthy VPN service for India allows visiting any websites without risking own safety.

While in India it is vital to take care of personal safety and use services of reputable VPN providers as without them your browsing history, passwords, business related data might be available to strangers. Here are main features that VPN India services are offering to its users:

  • Reliable services ensure that your personal information, location is encrypted and secure;
  • Allows access to banned websites 24/7;
  • Remote access to your office and information available only for employees;
  • Providing users with different IP addresses if needed;
  • Providers have servers located across the world ensuring strong and fast connection;
  • Safe access to the Internet when using Wi-Fi at public places, hot spots, etc.

VPN provider encrypts all the online communications and users may enjoy complete online privacy and security.

Why you may require VPN services in India?

Like any slow developing country India has a lot of restriction and bans residents from visiting certain websites. Visitors and native residents may order services to ensure own safety and guarantee following features:

  • Safe visiting of streaming websites, blocked websites, torrenting;
  • High level of protection against hackers or other curious individuals;
  • Hiding browsing history and your ID, etc.

Best VPN services for India

Visitors who wish to enjoy great online safety while in India may consider addressing such reliable services as:

  • provider is fully compatible with PC, Mac, phone and tablets. This provider is based in Switzerland and is a member of the Golden Frog Internet Freedom Consortium. Great speed, professional customer support, flexible pricing, over 700 servers located across 5 continents are offered to users worldwide;
  • IPVanish provider promiseslightning-fast speeds, high level of personal safety, no logs policy. Personal information is protected even if using free Wi-Fi. Service also enables users to avoid online censorship that is often practiced by universities, governments, etc. Over 600 anonymous servers worldwide ensure unrestricted Internet access from every corner of the world.

These and many others reputable VPN providers ensure online safety for every user.