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Creating Passive Income from Online Businesses in India

It’s fair to say that the task of creating a passive income for enterprising Indians who wish to delve into online business isn’t as easy as it is elsewhere in the world. There are more restrictions on how business is run and even the way that PayPal India operates inside our shores vs. how it works in the rest of the world. Thankfully, there are other payment methods available like Payoneer where a customer can pay via a credit card or debit card even if they don’t have a Payoneer account themselves.

Here are a few of the ways one can create passive income from websites in India.

Niche Websites

It is possible to create a series of niche websites providing updated information about products to visitors. The technology blog is very popular at present, but many other types of small websites allow webmasters to publish content and make money from displays adverts on their pages. Google AdSense and are the two most common ad networks presently.

Writing product reviews and referring visitors to Amazon is a good way to earn affiliate commissions (a percentage of every sale). Not only does Amazon operate now in India, but you can also promote products to Americans, Canadians, the British, and other people in Europe and Asia too. The commission rates start around 4% and rise to 8% depending on the product category.

Kindle, CreateSpace & Audible eBooks

Self-publishing has been growing over the last few years. Digital books now outsell printed ones, so it’s clearly a trend that’s here to stay. English language books sell well in America, England, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. Book translations allow digital books to be sold in European countries too.

You can either write your own eBook or outsource the writing to a professional book writer. Just provide a title, topic, chapter breakdown, and research information to your chosen scribe. Amazon pays foreign book authors (or people who own books that have been ghostwritten by another person) on a monthly basis. It takes a couple of months before the first royalty payment is issued.

Ranking Your Website in Google is Key

However, what drives website ranking primarily is something called search engine optimization (SEO)SEO, a mainstay of Parxavenue Ltd., is a service where they craft SEO packages to help site owners rank higher in Google.

While making money online in India seems a far cry from studying for a degree and getting a job, it is a viable alternative for independent thinkers who are willing to give it a try. There is much to learn to be successful, but the income is unrestricted and is likely to grow over time.