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Changing The Experience of Television With Digital TVs

There are so many developments going on everyday that we forgot how many things have been changed from quality of your life as well as our televisions. Don’t they ?

Digital Television services which have introduced 3 years back where first one was service named ‘Dish TV ‘ in India. It was like a treat for the rural people. Because all the traditional cable connections were not at all available there & they have to rely on Doordarshan programs which I guess they are bored of.

But as Dish Tv has experience of digital television with paid subscriptions, Governement have introduced the Direct to Home television sevivice which is free to use & more than 60 channels run omnn it with regional language Doordarshan channels.

Things have changed dramatically when more big players introduced their digital televisions,  naming Tata Sky satellite services & Big TV. They ensured the highest quality picture on digital TVs. The competeion also reduced the prices & trated consumers with great offers.

Very lastly their comes Digital tv from Airtel which have more interesting features comapred to other market players.

Now, BSNL & MTNL are looking forwords for IPTV technology which transfer the data from Internet technology, have more high quality which can also be used for High definition media channels.

More than that they stores films &TV serials on their servers so you can access the same anytime , you can go back in time (at least for TVs)

SO this is how the things have changed not only for rural areas but also for urban areas. India is going through many changes in quality of their televisions experience as India is known for its entertainment savvy audiences , Digital TVs are the best they can expect for.