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How Technological Changes are Transforming the Indian Online Gambling Industry

Even though traditional Indian casino games have had a big impact on the online gambling industry, technology has played a key role in its development. Earlier, Indian game developers focused on creating games for the European countries and the United States and people in India could not get them easily. That has changed because Indian casino game developers are making them for the Indian audience.

Today, you can access games with high-quality graphics easily, something that provides us with complete gaming experience. Technological advancements have changed the dynamics and landscape of the gaming world. Many factors have contributed to the growth of this industry. Here are some of the trends that have changed the online gaming industry.

On-demand gaming

The internet has allowed access to many casino games on demand. Moreover, it has allowed digitalization of the age-old casino games and anyone can access them by simply typing on a mobile device. Games like chess, rummy, ludo existed in India even before the internet came into being. But with technological advancements, the games are accessible at any time and from any place.

With the internet, casinos are also creating extensive tutorials to help people play the games and make money out of them. Card game enthusiasts have many options when it comes to satiating their thirst for casino gaming. Anyone can register on online casinos at no cost and start playing the games instantly. On-demand gaming prevalence has made that possible.

Mobile gaming

Some years ago, no one would have imagined that mobile gaming apps would work as real casino game platforms. And because people prefer comfy gameplay, mobile devices have already replaced gaming consoles. The major casino games developers are developing games tailored to their mobile audience.

Revenues from mobile gaming communities have surpassed those from gaming consoles because people do not need to create gaming setups anymore. Both AppStore and PlayStore are full of mobile gaming apps and the statistics show that most gamers are using them. To access casino games, you only need a good smartphone and a stable internet.

Augmented reality

The arrival of augmented reality (AR) has changed online casino games. It has helped incorporate real-life effects in games – the sound and the things you see when the games. Real-life effects transform living rooms into real gaming zones. Vision-based algorithms stand as a testament to all that. Moreover, with a vision-based algorithm, you can transcend geographical boundaries. Augmented reality scans the surroundings using the camera on your device and incorporates it seamlessly into the game, therefore, making your room a gaming zone.

Intuitive graphics

Graphics in the Indian gaming industry are different from what casinos used some years ago. For example, the most recent PubG sensation won the hearts of many online gamers due to realistic graphics. It is the time to bid goodbye to the eye-paining graphics and enjoy the seamless mobile casino experience. Each casino is offering games equipped with 3D technology to bring the players closer to the real action. Some games like NBA, NFS, FIFA and Age of Empires are more popular among gamblers because of the state-of-the-art graphics.

Motion sensor technology

3D scanning technology has helped online live games developers to create imaginary creatures easily. Voice recognition technology has also taken the gaming industry by storm. You can use your voice to command moves in the games if you want to. With motion sensor technology and virtual reality technology, any movement you make can make a big difference when playing a game.

Social gaming

Card games are the most popular in India. Almost every gamer in the country has memories of playing card games like the rummy with his/her neighbours and friends, particularly on special occasions and festivals. However, people are busy today with their businesses and work and getting time to play card games together is hard. Mobile game apps have made it possible to play social games at any time.


Technology has been growing rapidly and what might have looked like the norm some years ago is now obsolete. Online games are more immersive and the line between virtual life and real life is very thin. Whether you are a budding gamer or an experienced gamer, you should try to catch up with the technology so that you can enjoy the benefits. Initially, games had very poor graphics and their loading speed was very poor. That might be the reason most people played them for entertainment alone. The gaming industry has evolved rapidly with technology improving all areas to give us access to the realistic gaming experience.