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Top 4 Mobile Friendly Gaming Apps

In today’s day and age, mobile gaming is where it’s at. Players on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets are always looking for the hottest games on the market, and here are 4 of the top online casino games that are guaranteed to knock your socks off!

Online Poker

Online.Poker by Scarlett Palmer is one of those poker apps that you simply have to get your hands on. It features an incredible variety of poker-themed entertainment, and it is packed with in-depth content to enrich your poker gaming sessions. If you are on the prowl for the biggest poker tourneys, in search of interviews with the most famous poker players, or simply looking for an updated schedule on mega-money poker tournaments – this is the online poker app that you must download and install for your iPhone or iPad. Fans of online poker love the level of detail that this app provides. It will teach you everything you need to know about the nuances of the game, including videos, news reports and even expert tips about how best to play poker and how to read players’ body language. Players have praised this app, and for good reason.

Online Slots

Slots games are always fun, and the OnlineSlots app by NagarajanPurushothaman is ideal for casual players the world over. Released in 2015, this app is plenty exciting. You can enjoy Vegas-style slots games on your iPad or iPhone and of course everything has been tailored to your mobile smartphone or tablet. What’s great about this app is that it actually presents you with fully reviewed slots apps and other casinos where you can play all the slots games that you want. As always, you’ll be able to enjoy fun-filled surprises with wild and scatter symbols aplenty, and mega money jackpots too. For an exciting online slots experience, this mobile app is plenty exciting. You will see things like slots games, top casinos, casino promotions, best casino of the day and so forth. It’s fully comprehensive and it’s ideal for the slots connoisseur or the slots newbie.

888 poker

Fans of video poker will be plenty excited with the 888 video poker app. 888 poker has dominated the scene since inception, and this latest video poker app is pretty cool for players looking for a lighthearted way to enjoy this skill-based casino game. Video poker runs off all your mobile gaming devices on Android and it’s really a top-tier attraction for players of all skill levels. You have 5 cards with which to make the strongest-value hand. It starts with Jacks or Better, Two Pair, Three of a Kind, a Straight, a Flush, a Full House, Four of a Kind, a Straight Flush and a Royal Flush. With this mobile gaming app, you choose your bet credits, get dealt your cards, choose which cards to hold and which cards to fold, get your new cards and claim your winnings accordingly.

Online Bingo

Nothing says fun more than online bingo. Online bingo reviews and board by Alexa Stanley is a great app to get you in the swing of things. This bingo app is a compilation of the hottest bingo sites out there, and you will find out everything you want to know about how to make friends playing bingo, which bonuses and promotions you can claim, prizes up for grabs, and all the themes and fun-filled entertainment that you’re looking for. Online bingo brings the world’s most social game to your screen – wherever you go. All of the reviewed bingo rooms are world-class, and you will have an exceptional playing experience available every time you login to enjoy 75 ball bingo, 90 ball bingo and chat bingo games etc.