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Play Fun Card Game Cribbage Online

While Cribbage is an old game, you can play it with your friends or against a computer. In fact, you can participate in online tournaments without worrying about getting a Cribbage board. 

We have tested a few sites to play Cribbage online and have listed a few of them. In addition to the Cribbage websites, we have also listed a few Cribbage apps for safely playing this wonderful card game. 

Online Websites to Play Cribbage 

Cribbage JD

Cribbage JD is one of the best and most complete websites for playing Cribbage with decent graphics. This website lets you track your progress, ability to play, achievements, statistic tracking, and more. It also allows you to play with real humans or a computer.  

Android and iPhone users can easily access the Cribbage JD website and play this game without hassle. But the chat option is not available in the regular version. If you want to have a chat, you are required to play the Facebook version of Cribbage JD. 

What we love about Cribbage JD:

  • It lets players unlock fun achievements 
  • In-depth statistic tracking 
  • Online multiplayer 
  • User account syncs with mobile apps 

What could be better about Cribbage JD:

  • The graphics of the game is not the best 
  • The chat system is only available for the Facebook version

Play Cribbage Online 

It’s a popular site where you can freely play Cribbage without any issue. This site also lets you play many other games through this site, like Solitaire, Hearts, Euchre, Spades, Rummy, and Gin Rummy. 

It also features rules and the gameplay that you can go through to understand how Cribbage is played like a pro. So, hurry and start playing the game through Play Cribbage Online


If you are wondering where can I play online Cribbage with a friend, eCribbage is the right answer. This website is trusted by many Cribbage players for safe and smooth games.   

The game tournaments on eCribbage are held by American Cribbage Congress, letting the player earn Internet Rating Points. The top 10% of the players who get the highest points are invited to the live tournaments of champions in Reno. eCribbage is probably the best place to hang out online. 

What we love about eCribbage:

  • Multiple players trust this gaming website 
  • It is great for competition 
  • It offers 12 game variations 
  • You can play against the famous HAL bots 

What could be better:

  • The graphics feel very dated

What is the Best Cribbage App?

Are you still wondering where can I play Cribbage online? In that case, you can check out these amazing apps and play the Cribbage game without any issue. 

Cribbage Classic

Cribbage Classic is a great app that can be played on iPhone and Android. The app does not have fancy graphics and lacks in style, but players still love it. 

Cribbage Classic has three difficulty levels of AI that lets you play against the computer. The competition gets pretty tough and intense as the level proceeds, especially on the Pro level. But this app doesn’t let you play with real humans. 

Cribbage Classic tracks your statics of each level and also the win percentages. Interestingly, it also tracks your Suboptimal Play History. This app also has a discard strategy. This app properly tracks when you make suboptimal discards and helps you see your improvement. 

What we love about Cribbage Classic: 

  • Discard analyzer 
  • Suboptimal play history 
  • Not overly filled with ads 

What could be better:

  • The graphic isn’t the best 
  • Multiplayer or playing against friends is not available


Cribbage Classic is the top pick of any player willing to improve their skills. 

Ultimate Cribbage 

Ultimate Cribbage is another excellent app where you can play Cribbage. It’s an arcade and in-depth version of the game with incredible graphics, challenges, achievements, game currency, daily goals, ranking levels, and cribbage variations. 

If you have recently entered the Cribbage gaming world, this is the right app for you to start. Its simple features and easy interface will make it one of your favorites. 

What we love about Ultimate Cribbage:

  • This app has better graphics 
  • It has different Cribbage variations 
  • It has levels, achievements, and more to keep you motivated 

What could be better: 

  • While it’s a great app, it has multiple ads. The videos are 30 seconds long. 
  • The difficulty levels are contrived. The earlier difficulties in the game are easy to handle, but the earlier difficulties might intentionally screw you.
  • The app has a feature like Golden Hand that lets you replace your current hand with an amazing hand mid-play

You must not use this app to become a better Cribbage player. Instead, you must use it to enjoy the game to the fullest. Ultimate Cribbage is considered to be the best app for beginners. 

Cribbage Pro

Next is the Cribbage Pro, which has features similar to that of Cribbage JD. This app lets you easily track your stats without any issue. The graphics of this app are decent and easy to understand. 


Cribbage JD

It is the same app that we have mentioned under the best websites section. The Cribbage JD app is available for iPhone and Android users, so you can easily level up regardless of the device. 


Technology is a great way of playing the 1600s game in the best possible way. Are you wondering where can I play Cribbage online for free? Well, we have listed the best websites and apps for playing Cribbage from which you can choose one.