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Online Gaming Tournaments You Do Not Want To Miss

Online gaming has become a synonym of endless entertainment. Some YouTubers stream their online gaming sessions live and make money out of it. The love for online gaming has taken people to look out for new avenues to explore endless possibilities of never-ending entertainment.

As traditional games have world cups, Olympics, and FIFA, online gamers have organised tournaments on various levels. They form teams, strategies and participate to have fun.

Video gaming has seen a significant rise in popularity with smartphones and easy access to the internet. Gadgets and accessories like gaming chairs are flooding the market that assists the gamers to enhance their gaming experience.

Whether it is a game of skills or luck, you can find it online free of cost at sites like and many others. Otherwise, you can just fire up Google Play or App Store for downloading applications of top games.

For instance, FIFA 2020 Companion app is designed for users to make their virtual football teams and get a gaming manual to understand how the game works. By building your team, you can also participate in these tournaments that are held worldwide.

Call of Duty Championship

Call of Duty: Warzone has become one of the most downloaded games globally, with 6 million downloads on the day it was launched. Numbers players kept on surging to 100 million after a year. One can only imagine the height of the popularity of that game.

Activision, the game publisher, and Sony organise an annual Call of Duty Championship at Burbank, California, United States of America. It can be played at Pro league level as well as World Level.

Call of Duty Championship

You will not hesitate to grab your favourite gaming chair to play or watch the Call of Duty Championship. This is a renowned competitive video gaming tournament that has changed the lives of many gamers. It can be played at the World League level as well as at the Pro League level.

Thirty-two teams are selected for the finals. They are divided into four groups and are required to compete with each other. At last, two teams are selected for the winners’ pedestal, the third team goes to the loser bracket, and the fourth team is eliminated.

Gamers who stand out and climb the elite level get the opportunity to play at the championship level. Call of Duty Championship is a yearly competition, and if you are an avid video gamer, you should not miss this year tournament.

FIFA World Cup

Online gaming has charmed traditional game organisers too. FIFA and EA Sports collaborated to launch FIFA Interactive World Cup (FIWC) in 2004. It can be played from a computer or a game console like Playstation or Xbox.

Anyone can participate in the initial online stages, making it the largest eSports game played worldwide. The access to the game was limited as it was only available on Playstation 3. After the addition of the new consoles, PlayStation and Xbox players competed with each other in 2015. Mohammad Harkous won the latest edition of the game from Germany.

eSport World Convention- ESWC

Formerly known as Electronic Sports World Cup, ESWC was first held in 2003. Established by Ligarena, it is now headed by Webedia.  Here, the players represent their countries after winning at the national level. Call of Duty, Fortnite, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are the games that are played.

In its history of 16 years, the organisation has hosted over 200 tournaments. In 2016, the event was won by OP Tic Gaming. The medal tally for all the nations is lead by France with 62 medals as of 2014.

Fortnite World Cup

It was organised in 2019 for the first time and added 2.3 million viewers worldwide. The event was organised in Arthur Ashe Stadium, Flushing, New York, USA. Any Fortnite player can participate in the annual tournament.

The game was played in various formats:-

  • Solos
  • Duos
  • Creative Cup
  • Pro-Am

The area around the stadium, Flushing Meadows- Corona Park, was beautified, and some events were organised for spectators. A concert by Marshmello was organised too.  Kyle ‘Bugha’ Giersdorf won the World Cup.

Evolution Championship Series

The series commonly went by the name of EVO and was founded by Tom Cannon. It is an annual esports tournament that is held only for fighting games. The tournament is open for all, and a player gets eliminated if he loses two matches as per the double-elimination format.

The original name of the event is Battle of the Bay. It was renamed EVO in 2002. The main venue of the event is Las Vegas Valley. The 2021 instalment is said to be organised by Sony and RTS. Justin Wong has most of the titles of the game. The upcoming event is said to be fought for games like:-

  • Guilty Gear Strive
  • Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate
  • Street Fighter V: Champion Edition
  • Tekken 7