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How To Make Money Gaming

If you’re looking for a side-hustle that won’t wear you down or bum you out, you should check out the options available to you in the realm of gaming. You might be surprised to learn that it’s actually easier than you think, especially if you happen to be a gamer with mad skills and the gift of the gab. Fasten your seat belts, ladies and gents; we’ve put together a list of ways that you boost your bankroll and have fun doing it.

Take A Gamble

We’re starting with the most obvious, and also the most difficult way to earn a quick buck: online gambling. There are a crazy number of online casinos on the market, and they are all bursting at the seams with games that will make your head spin. Many of the casinos that you’ll find at, are what’s known as free spins $1 deposit Canada casinos, which means that all you have to do is deposit $1 and you will be given a whole bunch of free spins to use on selected slot games. You can use this type of awesome bonus to play slot games relatively risk free and potentially earn yourself a nice chunk of change.

However, if you really want a chance to earn regular money by gambling, you’ll need to paly cards. Poker is one of the only card games where you can actually develop skills that will help you win. And if you have the skills, there are a multitude of games and tournaments out there waiting for you, and plenty of jackpots to be had. Use free-play games and casino bonuses to practice your skills, and when you think you’ve got the chops, move on to the live tables and tournaments.

Become a Streaming Sensation

You’ve probably heard of Instagram influencers, right? But have you heard of gaming influencers? Basically, anyone can set up their own channel on a streaming platform, such as YouTube or Twitch, and use that channel to live stream their Call of Duty gaming activities (or any stream-worthy game). Gaming streamers (or gaming influencers) earn money (through advertising or sponsorship) by attracting views to their channel. The bigger your audience, the bigger your revenue.

To be a successful gaming influencer, you’ll need two things. The first thing is skill. You need to be skilled at the game that you’re streaming so that you can offer your audiences exciting gameplay, as well as helpful tips and tricks. The second thing you need is, as previously mentioned, the gift of the gab. Audiences don’t want to just watch a gamer playing a game, they want to be entertained. It is possible to make obscene amounts of money by live streaming your gameplay, but only if you can stand out from the crowd and find a way to keep your audience entertained enough to keep coming back again and again.

Test New Games

If you love playing video games, but you’re not so keen on becoming a YouTube sensation, we recommend becoming a game tester. Software companies are willing to pay players to test new games in order to weed out any bugs or glitches and to improve gameplay. You’ll need to be a competent player and you’ll need to be able to give detailed and helpful feedback. The great thing about this side hustle is that it could lead to a full-time gig in a software company. You could end up playing games as your full-time occupation, and who would say no to that? Ok, maybe that’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but as a side hustle, testing video games is hard to beat.