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Earn A Paycheck Playing Video Games

The video gaming industry is just as profitable as ever. However, some financial analysts believe that it has hit an all-time high. With that said, the industry is among the few that offer money-making opportunities for just about everyone. From the player to the developer to the promoter, money-making opportunities are plentiful. Below, you will discover a list of ways to earn a decent paycheck playing video games.

Sign Up For Competitions

Video game competitions are extremely popular. Today, a single competition can draw hundreds of thousands of viewers. Most of these competitions can be seen in-person and online. Fans can stream these competitions from their PCs, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. There is even a TV network specifically dedicated to video game competitions.

Winning one of these competitions could profit as much as $250,000 for a single player. Teams could profit up to $1 million just by winning an eSport tournament. The possibilities are endless for players.

Join Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a website that allows members to earn SB. These rewards can be redeemed for real money. Currently, one SB is worth one cent. While this doesn’t appear to be a lot of money, the more you play, the more you will be rewarded. New members receive $5 just for enrolling in the Swagbucks program. According to Prodege LLC, owner of the Swagbucks loyalty program, more than $337 million has been paid out to members as of 2019.

Test Video Games

As mentioned above, the video gaming industry has plenty of money-making opportunities. Depending  on what aspects of video games you are interested, you could earn a decent paycheck for just participating. One job offered by video game developers is known as game testers. This job involves playing video games while trying to find bugs.

Video game testing is not a job that anyone would call “glorious”. But, it does offer a decent wage. Currently, video game developers are paying between $10 and $17 per hour for this position. If you enjoy playing video games, you should consider applying for a game tester position with one of the top gaming developers. These positions are almost always available, as workers move up in the ranks. You can also earn money by becoming a Casino Guru.

Build And Sell Characters

Video game characters can make or break a game. If the character lacks skills, the player will not be able to advance in the game after a specific point. To advance quicker in video games, players will resort to making in-app purchases. These purchases are utilized to build characters, defeat enemies, and solve complicated riddles.

Another way players can advance in video games quicker is to purchase ready-made characters. These characters are available through online auction websites. Of course, this practice is not permitted and could potentially lead to the player being permanently band. But, for most video game players, winning is everything.

If you have what it takes to build unbeatable video game characters from scratch, you could earn a decent living by selling them. While this job does not appear to be a glorious task, it will pay off in the long run. But, you must be consistent and dedicated to repeating the process over and over again. So, things could become a little repetitive over time.

Streaming Game Play

Many people have made a decent living just by streaming their gameplay. While this sounds like a piece of cake, the time spent building a following and playing can be quite grueling. But, if you enjoy playing games, you should invite others to watch. Doing so will earn you a good paycheck. All you need to do is join Twitch or one of the other top video game streaming sites. Build a following and start earning money.

Write And Sell Video Game Guides

Developers spend days, months and years creating video games. The main goal is to create games that offer unique experiences. Unfortunately, not all new releases will offer that kind of experience. But, one thing that cannot be said about some video games is there are levels that are extremely difficult to beat. If you are good at solving puzzles, you could earn a decent living writing and selling video game games. Players who get stumped on a specific puzzle will turn to guides for help.