The Walking Dead On Xbox Live Goes Free For The Week Under Spring Sale 2013

Just few weeks ago I was overwhelmed with outstanding offers under the Ultimate Game Sale on Xbox Live where most of Tom Clancy’s titles were on up to 70% discount for the week, and here comes the all new Xbox Live Spring sale starting today for whole week. Following are some of the highlights of the hot deals and links to rest of the games, add-ons & DLCs on sale.

Walking Dead Xbox Live Game

Free Download The Walking Dead Xbox Game

A series based on Zombies has already received huge fan following on TV in past few years, soon after the 5 episode game series on the same concept was released on Xbox 360 and all major gaming platforms. In general, each of this episode is available for 400 Microsoft points (MSPs) but under the Spring 2013 Xbox live sale you can download the first episode for 100% Free & rest of the four episodes for flat 50% off that is for 200 MSPs each.

The Walking Dead Episode 1 is 100% Free, so you can download & try it out or if you are a huge fan of zombie games, you can download all of them at discounted price. The game has high ratings from most of the leading gaming website thanks to thrilling gameplay and engaging plot.

The Xbox Live Spring Sale will start on 26th of March 2013 for the week according to US time zone, so following link will show you discounted prices if you are living in the eligible regions.

The Walking Dead Episode 1: Original price: 400MSP | Discount: 100% | New Price: Free

The Walking Dead Episode 2: Original price: 400MSP | Discount: 50% | New Price: 200 MSP

The Walking Dead Episode 3: Original price: 400MSP | Discount: 50% | New Price: 200 MSP

The Walking Dead Episode 4: Original price: 400MSP | Discount: 50% | New Price: 200 MSP

The Walking Dead Episode 5: Original price: 400MSP | Discount: 50% | New Price: 2o0 MSP

Hitman: Absolution & Hitman: Blood Money

Another franchise that has come back after a long time after the last year’s launch of Counter Strike: Global Offensive was Hitman. And if you are into this spy action hero, Xbox Live Spring Sale have huge delights for you. Both the old & new games are on insane discounts and you can take advantage of following offers right away.

Hitman: Absolution –        Original price: $29.99 | Discount:33% | New Price: $19.99

Hitman : Blood Money –  Original price:  $29.99  | Discount: 67% | New Price: $9.99

Fifa Soccer 13 | Dead Rising | L.A Noire  | AC III & Other Games on Demand Sale

This list of new and popular title son sale have not ended yet and you can find following big titles on sale for the Spring 2013 sale as well.

L.A Noire:                       Original price: $29.99 | Discount:50% | New Price: $14.99

Dead Rising 2:             Original price: $29.99 | Discount:50% | New Price: $14.99

Just Cause 2:               Original price: $24.99 | Discount:60% | New Price: $ 9.99

Fifa Soccer 13:             Original price: $59.99 | Discount:33% | New Price: $39.99

Assasins Creed III: Original price: $59.99 | Discount:33% | New Price: $39.99

Spider Man 3:              Original price: $29.99 | % | New Price: 14.99

So this was the major games I thought was must remind you about, so you get all these Xbox Live titles at discounted price. But still there are 20+ more discounts & deals on Xbox game DLCs so don’t forget to check them out here!



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