Top Three Reasons for Shooting Images in RAW Camera Format

 Many of you have heard about Raw camera formats and some of you might have used one as well. However, very few may know about this format and the reason why this format is preferred over any other image format like JPEG. Let us talk about it deeply:

Raw photo recovery

What is Raw?

Raw is a file format that stores all the information about an image, which is produced by the sensor of the camera when you capture it. Unlike JPEG format that uses lossy compression method and thus stores incomplete information about the image file, this image file format stores complete information about a clicked photo. Since the information in Raw format is not compressed, thus the image quality is also not deteriorated. Some of the advantages to shoot in Raw than any other image format are:

  • Improved Picture Quality: The biggest advantage among all is the quality of Raw images. You can easily differentiate in the quality of a Raw image from any other image format like JPEG. This is because Raw takes all the data from the sensor itself before it is compressed. Therefore, it generates maximum quality images, and the difference you can compare by yourself.

  • A Brighter Image: Brightness is the count of stages from black to white. A brighter image is considered as smoother one and in imaging terminology smoother is better. If you compare Raw with JPEG, you can notice that JPEG records 256 levels of brightness, whereas Raw records 4,096 to 16,384 levels of brightness.

  • Easy Correction of Raw Images: Since JPEG image format compresses the image files by hiding some of their information, thus you cannot find any bug in a deformed image. On the other hand, if you have Raw image format, which is uncompressed, you can easily find out the flaws in it, if it is deformed. This generally occurs when your image is over or under exposed. However, if you have the understanding of Raw image format, then you can easily fix the problem without hampering the quality of the image.

But, if your Raw image is deleted, then you cannot overcome the loss without the help of an efficient photo recovery tool. Professional  Raw photo recovery tools recover lost, deleted, or formatted image files of all the image formats including Raw. However, to perform successful recovery of your Raw images, it is suggested to stop using your digital camera or memory card wherein your photos are saved. Following this precaution and using reliable photo recovery tool leads you to recover your images lost due to unexpected deletions.



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