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Best Games with Gun Customization

There are some video games where you can find a weapon that is so powerful and enjoyable to use that you don’t want to use anything else. The drawback to this is that staring at the same gun all the time can get monotonous. This is why weapon customization options are so great; they let you change your favorite weapon’s appearance and functionality, which adds variation to the overall experience. Unfortunately, not every game offers this option. In truth, there are a limited number of games that allow for extensive weapon customization that goes beyond simple color changes. The following games offer the best illustrations of how to properly customize a weapon. Here is the list of best Games with Gun Customization 2023.

Metro Exodus

The idea of constructing your own weapons by using materials from robbing various bandit camps and villages is actually quite realistic given that Metro Exodus takes place in post-apocalyptic Russia. As a result, each of the game’s ten unique guns has numerous variants, despite the fact that there are only ten of them overall. Consider the Tihar, a kind of air cannon that, with the appropriate modifications, may be transformed into a powerful railgun. Another popular favorite is the Ashot, a pistol with shotgun-like capability that, with the right modifications, can be transformed into a covert shotgun. 

Payday 2

The third-person heist formula was perfected in Grand Theft Auto 5, which is why the fan community loves to bring it up whenever it is discussed. This, however, followed on the heels of Overkill Software’s Payday (and, more significantly, Payday 2), which both started the process of redefining the genre. The Payday team begins working on jobs across Washington D.C. (some of which are optional) in the sequel, continuing the tale that was started in the first game. This eventually attracts the nefarious Dentist’s attention. The weapons in Payday 2 are highly adaptable despite not being particularly inventive or anything. Like the Buzzsaw 42, several light machine guns provide extensive customization options. It can be made extremely accurate with the correct modifications, and you can even silence it if you want to. However, its accurate long-range comes in helpful against larger adversaries that frequently frequent the more difficult heists in Payday 2’s endgame.

Dead Rising 4

Dead Rising 4 is still generally regarded as being highly enjoyable, despite the fact that it initially experienced some technical difficulties. In the game, you take on the role of Frank West again, a former journalist who explores a zombie epidemic in a made-up town. In the Dead Rising television series, characters battle infinite waves of zombies using increasingly bizarre homemade weapon combinations. Players will readily find a variety of Blueprints as they battle their way across the zombie-infested Colorado. For instance, you can construct “Holiday Junk,” which is a genuine Christmas wreath filled with different Christmas trinkets. In addition to dealing significant damage when used against zombies, the Holly Jolly debris can then be picked up and reused by players. 

Destiny 2

Although Destiny 2 requires a lot of grinding and randomness, the result is tremendous because it gives guardians a lot of customization possibilities (particularly because many of the perks are typically randomized). Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t still receive ordinary weapon drops as well, especially considering that some guns aren’t craftable and can make use of bonuses that aren’t available in other weapons. However, once more, the largest time-sink in this situation is gathering all the required components in order to first unlock the rifle. Nothing in life is free, but oh well. 

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Metal Gear Solid 5

With a playtime of more than 140 hours, Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain is a lengthy game, especially if you plan to complete it. There are numerous side tasks in addition to the primary missions that can be completed to unlock items like the Legendary Gunsmith, which may not be as obvious to certain people. The fact that all of the options are interchangeable for each family of weapons in this game enables for excellent weapon customization. In the end, this saves time and eliminates the usual tedious weapon grind, which is usually a good idea, especially for playthroughs that are more experimental.

Escape from Tarkov

Escape From Tarkov has been a go-to game for first-person shooter fans and streamers alike for the past few years. A significant portion of that popularity can be attributed to the games’ more realistic approach to gunplay, which includes the HUD’s inclusion of uncommon characteristics like blood loss, intoxication, tremors, and other real-life measurements. However, if you speak with somebody who often plays more well-known video games like Call of Duty, Battlefield, or Apex Legends, they will tell you that Tarkov tops the list for the sheer number of gun modification choices. Apart from Tarkov’s tried-and-true favorites, players can essentially alter every component of their weapons, including the slides for pistols, the recoil pads for shotguns, and the dust covers for assault rifles. Naturally, some of this results from advancing in levels and carrying out particular tasks. Players can also advance in their level of proficiency for just about every game skill. But this is a highly time-consuming process when you take into account that there are more than 60 distinct weaponry in the game.

Fallout 4

It’s remarkable to consider that despite the fact that Fallout 4 was released a long time ago, it still maintains a sizable and vibrant player population. But like many other Bethesda staples, a large part of this is attributable to the players’ limitless ability to customize and modify their weaponry. And even though Fallout 4 has grown older over the past few years, the system for customizing weapons is still well-liked. For instance, one may utilize a two-shot crank laser musket loaded with 10mm explosive bullets if their sneak and gunslinger perks are at their maximum level to truly deal some harm. You could also finish off adversaries with a serrated battle knife and a debilitating 10mm handgun with a silencer using a same move. 

Ghost Recon Wildlands

In the open-world tactical shooter Ghost Recon Wildlands by Ubisoft, objectives are completed by driving around various settings. Shooting everyone is the key strategy for finishing the majority of them. And fortunately, the game provides you with a wide variety of excellent assault rifles, shotguns, snipers, and other weapons to achieve just that. Additionally, you have pretty much unrestricted freedom to alter them as you see fit. In fact, you may customize every aspect of your weapon, which is quite in-depth. You’re likely to create a realistic-looking firearm no matter what you do because it is largely grounded in reality.

Mortal Kombat 11

This doesn’t directly involve customizing a weapon. Publisher NetherRealm Studios debuted the customizable versions in Mortal Kombat 11 in 2019. Every character in MK11 has corresponding modifications that fit their play style straight away, giving gamers the chance to give their favorite character a little more personality. Speaking of, did you know that, a while back, custom versions even gained legal status in the world of competitive fighting games? Your specific build for MK11 characters will seem much more distinctive as a result of this. Players can modify it at any moment outside of games to suit their own playing style. However, as in many of these articles, obtaining such goods does need some luck and grinding. 


The main selling point in Mothergunship is the ability to customize weapons. This is due to the game’s feature that lets you create every aspect of a weapon from scratch. Different connections and barrels are provided to you, and you can unlock them so that you can connect them to make new kinds of firearms. The same degree of freedom is available to you as it would be with a box of Legos. And if you have enough imagination, you can create all kinds of bizarre things. After that, you can employ them in frantic first-person shooter combat.

Army of Two: The 40th Day

The third-person cooperative shooter The Second Army Of Two is not the most adored or well-known of its generation. But there are amazing choices for customizing the weapons. Each of your weapons has a ton of customization possibilities for every component. The majority of them are standard firearm parts, but there are also some bizarre possibilities, like a suppressor constructed out of a soda can. You can paint your gun in outrageous patterns, such as solid gold or zebra print, to heighten the insanity.