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Free-to-Play Airmech® Arena Now Available On Xbox One And Playstation® 4

Mumbai — May 14th, 2015: Today, Ubisoft® and Carbon Games Inc. announced that AirMech® Arena is now available for download as a free to play title on Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft, and the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system.

AirMech Arena is a competitive real-time action strategy game that features five modes for players to engage in real-time battles, solo or online gameplay:

PvP mode

This mode allows for up to six competitors to face off in 3 vs. 3 (as well as 1 vs. 1 and 2 vs. 2) and gives them the freedom to initiate skirmishes at any time.

Co-op mode

This game mode is where teamwork is vital, joins players with a partner to defend their bases against the powerful AI.

AirMech Arena_20150324172146

Survival mode

Survival mode calls for up to four gamers to team up against an endless wave of enemy attacks.

Challenge mode 

Challenge mode focuses on solo gameplay, which tests your skills in timed trials.

Spectator mode

This mode gives gamers the opportunity to view each other’s matches and see the top competitive players in action.

AirMech Arena_20150324172419

In AirMech Arena, players control powerful transforming weapons, known as AirMechs, to protect their bases and take over enemy fortresses. Gamers will collect up to nine available AirMechs, each with its own unique abilities, and command them to deploy defense units from the air or transform into ground mode and engage armies on the front line. As they gain experience they will earn kudos (in-game currency) to unlock upgrades, new units and pilots to expand their collection and customise their appearance with exclusive skins and effects.


Airmech Arena Video Gameplay

Check out the gameplay video of this free-to-play game.

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