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3 Best Video Games for MMA Fans

The rise of the UFC and other popular MMA franchises has brought the sport roaring into the mainstream, as fighters like Conor McGregor have become breakout stars. As fans clamor to connect more than ever with the fighters they idolize, there are a whole range of accompanying entertainment products becoming available.

One of these is video games. Here we give the rundown on some of the best UFC/MMA video games that exist today.

No nonsense tough men are back in vogue, and all of these games channel their energy and aggression to perfection

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UFC Undisputed 3

The goal of any UFC fighter is to defy the sportsbook tipsters to become the undisputed champion of their chosen weight class, before they then decide to roll the dice and see if they can upset the odds at a higher or lower class.

This game from Yukes captures that journey like no other title before it, leaving players on the edges of their seats during cage fights, and recreating that feeling of having wagered on UFC/MMA betting odds in the leadup to a big fight card.

Other things that make this game so special are the realistic grappling and stand up striking, as well as special inclusions of athletes from other franchises such as Pride FC.

Video games are getting better and better at making fans feel as though they themselves are in the heart of the octagon action


EA are used to having exclusivity for the games they make in conjunction of the likes of FIFA, but they do not have that luxury when it comes to the UFC, which makes them up their game. UFC 4 is their best MMA offering yet, although its gameplay is still lagging behind that of UFC Undisputed.

A new and improved UFC 5 is slated for release towards the end of 2021, and fans will be hoping it can drive the game to a whole other level.

Thrill of the Fight VR

Okay, so strictly speaking this is more of a boxing game than an MMA game, but it did recently get the seal of approval from none other than Dana White.

If it is good enough for the UFC’s head honcho, then it is good enough for us. The main thing that sets this VR game apart is that it requires players to be active and burning calories. This means that all budding UFC fighters can practice their craft while not having to worry about taking a stray kick to the groin or a cheeky elbow to the temple.

Just remember that in order to play gamers will need a compatible VR headset.