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Configuring The WiFi on Samsung Star Wifi (S5230W) Problem

Well, Some of the folks have asked me about this that the settings that are given by the manual of Samsung Star WiFi (S5230W )is not working with their phone. Its basically is a small issue but I guess, it is helpful to many of newbies who are using the Wifi phone for the first time ever in their life. Also for those guys who can;t find or select there Network Id’s this method is useful.

So following are the settings you must ensure to so to configure Wi Fi Settings on Samsung Star Wi Fi

Settings You must Do On Your Star S5230W Phone :

1. Set wireless mode to B-G Mixed
2. Standard Channel = 8
3. Encryption – TKIP

Settings On WiFi Router :

1. Delete the configured wireless connection if you already have one.

2. Enable wi-fi but do not perform search at the moment

3. Now open the browser and select settings then browser profiles press search for wi-fi.

4. Select the connection that you want to connect to then type the details and match the settings on the router.

5. Auth type = WPA, encryption = TKIP, network key = router pre-shared key, protocol = HTTP, Home URL = address of modem (you can change it later if everything is already working), leave proxy blank, linger = default, adhoc = off, no need to do advance settings.

6. Save the settings and do not connect yet.

7. Exit the browser and go to Wi-Fi and select the connection that you have just configured and select details.

8. Check all the settings if ok. if the channel is different with the router, adjust it on the router to match the one used by the phone. IP address = not connected (it will automatically connect once you browse the internet).

9. Now, before you try to browse the internet, you must set first the connection you’ve just configured as default connection.

13 Responses

  1. star wifi has a problem . it is not able to fetch the ip address in Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) configuration … if you know your IP settings and ur dns server it is easy to connect .

    when you connect to a new wifi network you are asked to enter the details.
    fill in the encryption type.
    fill in the encryption bits (64 or 128 )

    SET Name : “wifi connection name” (automatic filled)
    Bearer type : Wi-Fi (automatic filled)
    SSID : “wifi connection name” (automatic filled)
    Auth Type : Open
    Encryption Type : WEP
    Key Length : 64 bits or 128 bits**
    Index ID : 1
    Network Key : **
    Protocol : HTTP
    Home URL : http://
    Proxy address : “leave blank”
    Linger Time (sec) : 300
    Adhoc : off
    advance setting

    now click on advance settings
    and enter an ip address of ur series (normally 192.168.1.XX or 192.168.0.xx)
    inter the sub net mask as
    enter server add
    (normally or

    then enter the static dns server add
    (provided by ur internet provider eg Airtel,BSNL etc )

      1. Shouldn’t “Settings on Router-Side” read “Settings on Phone Side” and vice-versa?

    1. I have done the steps as stated above and wifi gets conected and the wifi icon turns green but when i try to browse, it request time out occurs or service not available and then later dns error appears.plz help me 🙁

  2. thanks a lot. i have this phone to but could only connect to unsecured netwroks and my own network was it finaly works thanx a lot!!

  3. thanks for the configuration of samsung s5230w star wifi…its working again my internet wifi in my cellphone…next time please teach me how to make and how to get the application for games and for music…..thanks again….more power…

  4. Problem Connecting Wifi In GT-S5230W
    Its Says Connected With ________
    But When I Open The Web It Says Service Unavailable Retry With ________ When I touch on YES It Says DNS FAILED
    What I Have Done Wrong

  5. I have secure Wifi network. My cell gets connected to the unsecured network but its not getting connected to the secured network. Please help me resolving the issue.

  6. what to do if i don’t know my dns or IP? Cuz when i want 2go 2 net it sais : DNS is not working. i don’t know what 2do.

  7. the only problem i have it is that i do all the settings but when i enter connect i doesnt connect.i am wainting minutes. Does anyone know what i must do?